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Yash Sharma said: (Dec 7, 2020)  
No they really are just not. We are only looking to that part of the society which were never moral or did anything based on moral values. We just need to see the correct perspective of our society and we will surely get the real Indians, the United Indians.

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Shreya said: (Jul 4, 2020)  
Well, friends I think along with other measures we can utilize our Holy books in order to sensitize our students in schools for social and moral values. References of quotes and thoughts of our great leaders of humanity, in education can be of great use. I am in favour of referring general social and moral values from all the Holy Scriptures irrespective of religion it is related to.

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Nandini said: (Dec 20, 2019)  
India still has these moral values in society but the poor fact now is that. The people who have them are in minority numbers and those who would have acquired in the majority.

Earlier we use to be fit and it was hardly that we fell ill and went for heavy medications because we have access to healthy and nutritional food, a healthy lifestyle where we use to play outside even everyone had a family time where there would have been healthy discussions.

But in present scenarios, we are so much obsessed with the virtual world and western food that it has not only increase risk of diseases because of unhealthy food and less physical activity but also cut short our time with family which makes us lose moral values. Because it is truly said that parents are our first teachers.

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Shashi said: (Dec 7, 2019)  
Hi everyone,

Education gives us the facility to survive in society but moral values make a person great like Dhoni, Sachin, etc. Moral value learns to live a better way of our life and India was better in morality from the ancient time but unfortunately, our society is lacking in morality there may have many reasons behind. If we are educated and less value of moral education then I think we can lead our society in the wrong direction.

And our education system there is very rarely given the place of Moral Value.

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Anomii said: (Aug 8, 2018)  
Moral values are certainly decreasing and there are plenty of examples to illustrate it. Now you will no more see that bonding between individuals and this has eventually led to the void of misunderstandings and distrust now if you are a good and simple person you will be treated as a bait or the mice of the experiment. Everything now has become materialistic and you should expect a situation where morals are nil and ethics have been sent off to the bottom of the ocean.

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Sri said: (Mar 6, 2018)  
Our country has culture, morality and values. But today's constant decline in ethics and values. As a result, there is a growing number of widespread, flawed and child offenders in our country. The reason is that social media, education system, propaganda, and other countries are drowning in culture and poverty and illicit racism can also be attributed. Today's youth has become addicted to luxuries, alcohol, drugs, pornography, violent video games, become slaves and shatters their fortune and shifts to the development of the country. Youth should be taken away from these programs to promote the development of the country. Special programs should be taken to improve the situation of girls and women. Only then can he become proud of the country and say he is an Indian.

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Vivek Gupta said: (Feb 22, 2018)  
Yes, it is a bitter truth!

The country that once said to be the epitome of culture, morality, and character, is today continuously degenerating and deteriorating in terms of morals and values. The result is that we are seeing an increasing number of perverts, delinquents and juvenile criminals, across the country. The pro-obscenity mass media, the valueless education system, the obsession with western culture, and poor parenting are the prime culprits for the degeneration of the youth of India. The addiction to pornography, violent video games, alcohol, drugs, etc. , is corrupting the mind of a large number of youngsters and teenagers. If India has to rise and become a great nation, it's youth, needs to be revived. Special stress should be given to improving the condition of girls and women and to make this country a safe haven for them conducive to their growth and prosperity! Then India will surely rise and make every citizen of it proud to be called an Indian!

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Anjana said: (Feb 2, 2018)  
Teenage is the age in which parents can build moral values in teens. We can not blame parents for not giving such values. A teen is spending hours from 7:30 to 3:00 in school, then 2 or 3 hrs in coaching classes, then home work, projects, assignments and on many more things, how much time parents get to teach these things. So parents are also helpless. Parents also want their kids to maintain moral values and relationship skills. There should be some programs either by schools or others to let teen be understood these values and to adopt the same.

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Sanju said: (Oct 1, 2017)  
In today's society every person in every street corner can give a fully convincing lecture on what the ideal moral values should be, about what's good and what's not, about what people should do and what not. You talk to any person these days he/she seems to be in possession of a perfect moral compass. Every tom, dick and harry seems to have beliefs, virtues, feelings, qualities and opinions of the highest standard. And with the advent of social media, preaching morality is now the new trendy thing to do. The internet is abuzz with videos, articles, memes, captions, quotes that are high on moral content. Everyday thousands of messages are circulated in whatsapp groups that are oozing with the morality juice. Every movie, every TV show depicts the triumph of good over evil and the ultimate win of morals and values. The world seems to have gotten itself into a huge morality preaching frenzy. So naturally the question arises, why is our society such a mess these days? In a world where everyone is fully loaded on morals and values, where every person seems to have a clear understanding of right and wrong, how can corruption, promiscuity, vulgarity, violence and every other form of depravity and debauchery rule? Why are people silent on these issues that are devastating society? I feel the only reason is that nowadays there is a huge difference between what people say in public and what they do in private. People's actions don't match with their words at all. People pretending to be at the epitome of all moral standards are usually at the bottom of it. People do only what is good in their own eyes and in most cases, this is just the opposite of what they are saying in public. For instance, someone preaching the importance of family may be the one cheating on their partners. People try to change the world with their morality but they don't try to change themselves with it. You speak to anybody these days you will generally end up listening to a lot of good stuff about life, about morals, about values. But when you enter into the lives of these same persons there is a good chance of you finding out that it was all just theory, meant only for putting on a show and not for actual practice. Nowadays we are also seeing the popularisation of simple high concept moral values. These are easiest to understand but hardest to follow. For example: Be a good person or Be honest or Be truthful or Be loyal. The whole moral compass is being gradually compressed into simple general stuff like these which everyone knows but usually find the most difficult to practice. Hence no one really bothers to practice them. Nobody really ventures into more complex stuff like how to be honest in a dishonest world or how to be kind in a cruel world or how to stay truthful in a lying world. One must remember that morality is relative and every generation has felt that their generation was somewhat more moral than the current generation. But when people are pretending to be someone and are actually just the opposite, that trend is disturbing.

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Abhi said: (Sep 5, 2017)  
The mindset of people can be changed if they are shown things with good background music and good plot story. The story will be accepted as either cool or if it is vulgar then it will be accepted as bold and experimental.

This powerful media ie. Movies can make you accept things that are against even your basic morality.

Teenagers easily fall in this net. And it doesn't stop there only. These movies ignite curiosity that ends in addiction to pornography. The curiosity that should be towards studies is misdirected and it ruins the morals to the lowest levels. Morals form the backbone of self-image and strength of mind which are tools for living a successful life. In studies or ahead.

Hit movies can be made from good plots and words also. I believe in clearly saying what is bad n not hiding its obscene scenes and lewd dialogues and foul words in the name of boldness. The argument that public likes it and it's their choice. Is correct but using their choice to fill producer's pockets is bad. You can give them a choice of watching good things instead on Friday.

And youth should be inspired by the boldness of Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Gandhiji, or recent heroes like Sundar Pichai, Saina Nehwal etc.

And not with the boldness of some villain smoking a cigarette and giving fool dialogues to grab attention or boldness of item dance done with maximum vulgarity possible within boundaries set by censor board.

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Uttara said: (Aug 24, 2017)  
What we used to see in India a few years back also were joint families where parents grandparents uncle aunties lived together. There were mutual respect and value for each other. Everyone had an upper hand to build a child's character. But in today's world, we see families being nuclear ones. Both the parents are office goers and the child or children are left alone or with care takers. These children delve into internet and television and they receive the content and vulgarities shown through these media. So gradually they lack moral and ethical character. Not only that from a very early age they see parents money minded and they also become money minded and selfish. They dun have respect elders, not even their own parents. These all add up to the degradation of the moral character of today's generation who are going to lead tomorrow's India. Thus it is true that moral and values among Indians are degenerating over time. Thank you.

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Anshuman said: (Aug 17, 2017)  
India is a country of Great Heritage where Great Priests and Saints took Birth and tried to spread the maximum Knowledge and messages in Favour of Mankind. They presented Various Theories and Formulated Various Ideas, some contradictory while some Very Scientific but whatever had been done was done just for Goodwill and Determine of humans.

But the irreligious, heretical, mean, and selfish thoughts spreading outside the country has severely attacked Indian Culture and Values.

It's not only that India was the Purest country but, the actual fact is that the influence of Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, and scriptures on people lead them to live a simple, and true life.

But today, westernisation has penetrated so much into Indian minds that people have rendered their culture. It's fine that people find far off things better but to apply those things in our lives we must understand the impact of those things in a particular region. E.G. Christians don't find wrong eating flesh of a cow because their scriptures don't worship it but in an Indian society where Cow is worshipped as the Goddess of the Ultimate Heaven, eating its flesh is wrong and is banned.

And eating even the flesh of an animal is actually wrong because Just fit the sake of a better taste, the life of those poor creatures is wasted. And applying such wrong habits is not what actually should happen. Instead, the values of women Empowerment, Education, discipline, etc should be applied to life.

And before questioning our own cultural habits we must first question our own knowledge related to that topic because little knowledge is dangerous.

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Vinaayak said: (Aug 13, 2017)  
This is true. As we indians are easily attracted to the products of other countries. We Indians have forgot to respect our religion and have started trying to catch the religion of others. If we are following other religious beliefs of other countries then why we are not following other good points of them like honesty, trust, respect and many others. We indians have the power to change the world, only if we are united. So we should try our best to teach this to our fellow youth.

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Sangbarta said: (Aug 2, 2017)  
I believe that, all the above discussions are right. Today, our India is degrading because of the foreign countries.

They tend to make India in the lowest position. Recently, in 2017 many people were killed while playing the "Pokemon" game. Have the Indians introduced the game?No. The foreigners have done it. Now, the "Blue Whale" also came in the international market. Recently, one life is lost also. How much time will it take to reach India?

I don't know, how many lives it is still desiring to engulf. So, we must keep ourselves away from the ill-effecting outside products. I am not saying that all products are harmful. But, there are some and we must be aware of them.

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Deepak Jindal said: (Jul 24, 2017)  
One of the major reasons for degradation of moral values and ethics among the youth is the continuous worsening of quality education. Friends the current education system is all about getting a good job, making money and satiating your desires with it. Late night parties, movies, discos, clubs, hyperactive night life, giving more importance to social media this all have preoccupied our lives leaving no room for improving our moral standards. The Desire for materialistic gains and comforts, greed for luxury life has lead to corrupt practices and downfall of social values.

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Mansik said: (Apr 29, 2017)  
Indians have the unique talent of applying all the bad practices of other societies in theirs rather than encouraging the best for making lives better.

For example, when the US society today tries to cover its body, we Indians feel that exposing one's self would fetch one more popularity though we know that it is against what has been preached. When the world is opting for skilled individuals we opt for reserved individuals rather than talent.

The difference between us and the rest of the world is that. Though the other people apply Indians in their lives, they still practice their traditions too. But we are so dumb that we rather tend to practice the other practices and forget our own. I think this is the sole reason why we had been dominated by the cruel British. In other countries, where they try to provide respect to each and every living woman, we tend to disrobe her in the society. If she gets raped or murdered. Blame the lady for a no fault of hers rather than trying to seek justice. In India, watching these impractical movies has made the youth term their mistaken infatuation as true love. At a young age when one should rather be focussing on studies.

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Donkey said: (Apr 19, 2017)  
In my opinion, Indian youth is distracted all because of the foreign culture. They are attracted towards the things that are gained without any special effort. On any social site, we actually can predict very easily what's going on in our youth society. They say INDIA will be the youngest country in 2020. But what's the use? Do Indian youth is giving all it could? NO!is the answer. Our Youth is getting lazy day by day and some who work hard, study from the top institutes (IIT, IIM) and move abroad in search of better opportunities. What is the benefit of being a youngest country then?

Our youth especially teenagers are very much attracted towards nudity. Showing himself above others is becoming the most important goal of Indian teens. They feel its good to be bad, It's cool to study one night before the exam and just pass it, its royal to smoke and drink and its maturity to go against their parents. IT'S NOT!. I seriously don't know what is the solution for this but all I know is that this situation must change.

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Adi said: (Mar 12, 2017)  

- Excessive promotion of entertainment, fun and pleasure seeking activities through mass media as though these are the most important things in life and there is nothing else to do or think about.

- Excessive use of sex appeal in movies, music, advertisements, sports, in fact in everything that spews out of TV and internet.

- Increasing levels of vulgarity, violence and obscenity being shown in music videos that appeal to the youth. Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, the three mantras for corrupting the youth being put into devastating use.

- Excessive and unhealthy promotion of individualism.


- Vulgar and obscene tastes being developed in people that are reflected in the manners, words, clothing. The shockingly revealing and obscene apparel that spews out every year leaves little to the imagination. People are going to extremes to look attractive and make an impact on others. This twisted behavior is having tremendously negative effects in the minds of kids, the youth and also adults.

- A major portion of public time is spent in watching sports, movies, TV serials and endless chatter about non-existent issues. Seriously, is there nothing else in life worth doing?

- Permissiveness, infidelity and promiscuity in levels that was unthinkable a few years ago.

- People, in general, are more self-centered, less social, losing the ability to function in groups and hence more distant from each other. These days people prefer more to talk in social media than face to face. The human bonding is slowly dissipating.


There is no one trick solution to all of this, except for the people to wake up and realize that they don't have to follow everything that spews out of the TV. It's a fake world driving the profits of a bunch of extremely cunning people who know very well what's going on in the real world. We people are the real thing and to live like human beings is what\'s important.

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Taniya Yadav said: (Feb 19, 2017)  
Values are those essential and precious gems and values which are degrading in the present form of society. One thing that everyone should know and believe that when we will give respect to other then only we will get respect.

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Sansi said: (Feb 13, 2017)  
However be the outcome of the modern generation's attitude and neglection towards the moral values, we still have some of the qualities passed on from the generations instilled in us, of course till some extent.

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Anomi said: (Jan 4, 2017)  
It's up to one's understanding of the society. If he only chooses to take in the bad stuff, then he needs a session with the psychology doctor.

If he chooses to take in the good stuff, then he is a robot.

The best way is to be both pessimistic and optimistic.

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Rahul said: (Dec 22, 2016)  
If you will create an atmosphere where life is just meant for eating drinking sleeping enjoying and being merry then you will never understand deep problems of life. Problem is just not moral values it is basic humanity. We have lost our human nature and turning into extremely selfish beings. It is not expected from us to be ideal or perfect being but at least human being. Today all goodness show anywhere has hypocrisy as its base. Solution is simple when we understand that highest duty for us is not to injure any creature in any form. All other duties come after it.

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P Satheesh Kumar said: (Dec 16, 2016)  
Aristotle said that, a good citizen makes the nation as good. Moral values will be useful to every citizen to be good always. Today, we have been seeing corruption from top to bottom of public and private sectors. Many professionals are leading to corruption. There is no fear among them because they think always about themselves, not about society. The profession is a significant activity of human being to provide proper service towards the society and nature. Moral values are taught to children from the beginning and at the level of family and society. People always be different, not common. But, we need to remember one thing, i.e, if we do good things then we get good results if we do bad things we get bad results. If you want to remove social evils among the people, now start to preach or teach good things, good values to your children.

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Rageshree Das Choudhury said: (Nov 30, 2016)  
Well, I also agree that moral value is getting abolished. Most of the people will blame teenagers for their mischief acts but for that, they are not only responsible but their parents are too. They are giving their child all possible facilities which are actually not necessary at this early are. Moreover, corruption is also increasing very fast. People are ready to do anything for then benefits. They even do not think what are they going to do and what will be its impact.

Moral value is very important to remove all those nonsense behavior of people towards each other. If even one percent of moral value can be raised in people, this is also beneficial for the sake of our nation as moral value is the anti-virus of corruption named virus which is spread all over the world.

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Jay Juice said: (Nov 27, 2016)  
I strongly believe it is the impact of America and the West, the aim of which is to make the rest of the world degenerate so that the West can continue to conquer and rule. I remember vividly an interview with Trump where he revealed that his children DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL because they "wouldn't be able to compete". So, nobody should be in any doubt - the White Western world leaders KNOW where strength lies. India and Indians should, therefore, wake up, REJECT Western ideas of behavior such as they are promoting through people like Priyanka Chopra who is used for really nasty sex scenes and then rolled onto TV chat shows to talk about how to be a role model for young girls. Indians must powerfully embrace their heritage and its powerful moral bases to become, once again, the greatest nation in the world.

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Sachin said: (Oct 18, 2016)  
Yes, I do agree with this statement. Today's generation is moving with the speed and they have forgotten the moral values and basic ethics.

Somehow I feel that parents are also equally to be blamed. With this corporate life where work is 24/7 and the parents do not have time for their children. Because of the ego problem within parents there are fights and verbal abuses by the parents in front of the kids. These kids pick it from them and same shows in their behavior.

So I feel the moral values and ethics start from base at home. Hence it is important to keep the environment at home clean and follow some ethic and moral values which when the kids see will follow.

And thus save our future generation.

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Pawan Soni said: (Oct 7, 2016)  
Here, my opinion is that people must respect each other and act mature.

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Mohammed Cohen said: (Oct 6, 2016)  
India's ushering into the race for reaching the top is paying a very long-lasting and destructive trend through its mass media specifically through Bollywood. A plan by the socio-political scientists of Israel invested heavily in tomorrow's India through the indoctrination of its youth. The same that incredibly succeeded first in the USA that followed the same tactics in Europe and now in full swing in Asia to systematically through glamor, sex, drugs, violence, and dream of quick-rich schemes transform the future Indians into a directionless youth. Dumbing down of America is well-known fact but its implementation is now in full operation through the infestation of Mossad operatives with names like Mohammed, Ramesh, Sunil, John, Danny, Mohsin etc. These are the Mossad trained former Indian Jews who are not settled in Israel but now being sent back to make India implode within through Bollywood's rapid westernization through its movies thus penetrating the financial, military, political and its education system. It's all about dominating the future of Asia through Indo-China's total control of its youth! India has so far proved to be a perfect candidate to adjust the social engineering of its population. Pakistan is a natural next country as it is the ultimate goal of Israel-USA-UK to undermine its military powers to take over its nuclear capabilities. China the ultimate goal for the West. BRICS and its systematic demise have already started from Brazil, now South Africa, India and ultimately China and Russia. So the demoralization has several facets to achieve its goals. Bollywood was easily fooled through Hollywood's money and affiliations with big studios. Rest of it is history. It's getting little too late for India's Bollywood to reverse its gears as it is taken over with the almighty Western dollarization of its movie/TV business. Mody's election through Mossad's design has opened the floodgates of India-Israel-USA joint collaborations through its intelligence, military, banking, industrial and cultural taking over of India's control. Despite some minor efforts of India's government, Mossad has dug in deep and no efforts of India can unlodge them now!

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Manoj Chakrabarty said: (Oct 5, 2016)  
Unlike animals humans have evolved emotion in their evolutionary development. Evolution has given him the sense of morality. So we find morality is advocated and appraised in all societies of the world. Some unknown yet subtle evolutionary 'knot' has surely decelerated moral activities in all people in the present world, not only in India. It is true ignorance and wrong influences from outside has made the youth vulnerable. Their weak brain and lack of understanding life accompanied by dear of the unknown has subjected them into victimization by alcohol, deadly drugs resulting into psychological impairments. This results into amoral activities.

Remedies are there, though not easy but sure shot.

Knowledge, knowledge of science. How does life function? Ethical education and practice. Compulsory two years service for the country. And of course love, affection for the youth to stop them being dragged into darkness.

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Madhav said: (Sep 24, 2016)  
Moral value is standards of GOOD and EVIL which govern an individual's BEHAVIOUR and CHOICES.


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Kiran said: (Sep 17, 2016)  
Well as per me,There are still values among us. But it's inside a corner of our hearts. We just need to. Socialize our selfs and be a true human.

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Nupur said: (Sep 6, 2016)  
Moral and views among youth are not degenerating. It's just that they are becoming more self-independent self-sufficient that doesn't mean their values are degenerating. It's good for an individual and nation that they have their opinions they can take their decision by themselves. Today, youth doesn't live under the shadow of what people think. They create their own views based on their wisdom. That's what we need in youth to make the nation more developed.

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Sam said: (Sep 4, 2016)  
Actually, moral values are not present now in Indian society. What is now left are vices. Hypocrisy, backbiting, greed, jealousy, selfishness, conspiracy, superiority complex, showoff, anger, hatred, disregard for each other, inequality, arrogance, extreme pride, haughtiness. People are now ever ready to injure each other in thought, word, and deed. People speak lies freely. Compassion is totally extinct. People hearts are now harder than rock. Real and pure love is unknown. What is left is only selfish love based on selfish motives.

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Hiralpatel said: (Sep 1, 2016)  
Moral values among Indians is degenerating.

Because human activity is increased so he will not spend time with family and he will forget them. And he forgot to give the respect to their parents and not understand the value of their parents.

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Ayushi said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
I agree that morals and values among Indians are degenerating day by day. Nowadays very often it is seen that youth doesn't have quality time to spent with their parents they are too busy in their life that they even did not hesitate while sending their old parents to old orphanage homes. They drive on the roads so heartedly that even if someone is lying unconsciously on the road, they even don't give a look to them. We need to get to our senses and restore our lost values and ethics of life.

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Senjuti Sardar said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
The moral values among the Indians or it can be said that among the youth generation moral values are decreasing. This is a very serious problem. I think that for this only maximum all the youths are starting taking alcohol from a very lower age and cigarettes also. One day these youths will start taking drugs. They are the future of the country and we should save them. Basically, these moral values are learned from the family. If the family and the parents are not stable the child will not get the opportunity to learn the moral values.

It is the responsibility of the teachers also to keep some debate or activity on these topics. We know that science has changed our life, without science we cannot live such a luxurious life today but it doesn't mean to forget the moral values. I didn't forget the moral values. My parents have told to do this and that and I know that this will make me a perfect. At last, I should say that 'SAVE THE YOUTH, SAVE THE COUNTRY.'.

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Tiya said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
Communication part also reflects our attitude, which represents our moral values.

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Faizan said: (Jul 19, 2016)  
Yes, now moral values are degenerating so we should try to improve our younger students and try to teach them what is right and what is wrong.

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Madhvi Sekhri said: (Jul 4, 2016)  
Today is the world of technology. If we blame teenagers for the deterioration of values in them then we also have to blame ourselves for the same. Nowadays when teens talk to us in a rude manner, we feel astonished. But what are we teaching them while raising them is the real case? We teach them from the very beginning that this is your toy, pencil, book etc and do not share with other kids. We teach them not to share their notes with other classmates. Teach them how to survive in cut-throat competition. Now when they have grown up with this thing in their minds, we are blaming them. It a not the teens but we are the one to b blamed for upbringing such generation.

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Srinkhala Sengupta said: (May 31, 2016)  
Nowadays moral values are decreasing because teenagers use to attract towards bad thing very easily and they use to change their behavior.

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Chavvakula Sarathkumar said: (May 30, 2016)  
Nowadays we got the phrase 'being practical and a lot which making people forget value the moral' helping someone is the first thing we must ever consider. Everything is buried deep under the ground with not even slightest of the trace left behind.

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Aravinthasamy said: (Apr 20, 2016)  
Hi guys,

The condition of today's generations:

1. Very selfish.
2. Disrespect.
3. Dishope in sprituality especially GOD (Somebody does just for formality).
4. Lust.
5. Money demons.
6. Supporting bad things.
7. In obedient among elders etc.

I see these things on Indian youngsters, they just follow the bad movies. EVIL SHIT!

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Kusuma Kumari G Nellore said: (Feb 24, 2016)  
Moral values has completely disappeared from our lives. Marriage is now based on money power Divorces happen for school children don't respect their parents Everything is money now. India has lost its traditional values High time we teach our children values of money and family life otherwise our society will go astray.

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Dhananjay Kumar said: (Feb 22, 2016)  
In my word, We have forgot that we are a human being in race of survival. We are only technologically modern not as human being. We are developing technology not human aspect of life.

So, do not blame others, it's only about how much we aware about self as human being.

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Indira said: (Dec 26, 2015)  
According to me Moral values should be inculcated by parents from the very beginning stage when the child starts learning how to speak. After all its their responsibility to impinge in the good values and moral ethics. A child learns from his/her parents and after he/she starts going to school learns from his/her teachers.

Also 'survival of the fittest' as stated by Charles Darwin is also there where in the child needs to simply apply his/her learned values in order to maintain his/her good qualities among the bad and vulgar ones.

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Gourav said: (Nov 2, 2015)  
So the buzz is about morality. ! I remember about ma childhood, my mom use to show me Ramayan and then all elderly people try to glorify his character. Right from the ancient day on-wards what was glorified became the desire for majority of people.

Today the world has changed, technology has key role to play, in India Bollywood and media has key role to play. Am not saying here what is right or what is wrong, am simply making a point that whatever will be glorified will become a trend for youth.

If its the Bollywood actors or actress who is more glorified than everyone would desire to become that no one can change this trend what we call us eroding of moral values unless someone there at the top begin to glorify things which are good or morally right. ! Just thing about what is more desirable to become BSF Jawan or Salman khan?

Ask this to all you will actually come to know that its about what is valued, what is respected, and obviously what is glorified which is going to shape our morals, our values. Lets be not pessimist guys just start valuing what you thing is good n make the world good.

Note: Pardon me for my English, am week in English. Rest I don't care.

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Sneha Dubey said: (Nov 1, 2015)  
In my opinion, moral values are the base of our life. If the base will get disturb then how the building will be constructed? So firstly we have to make our base strong. Indian moral values are the best in the whole world, so let's follow our own nation's values and build up a new image in the world. I, myself will also try to follow the same.

Thank you.

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Priya Agrawal said: (Oct 30, 2015)  
Hi all, Moral values should not be mixed with modernization. If you are modern then it does not mean that you have lost your moral values. And moral values is also not remembering your parents birthday. Its how to behave with the people surrounding you. You may be living far from your parents or some people with no parents, some people who does not got a chance to learn from the good teachers.

Morals and principles are such which you learn yourself from the surrounding environment. Books and teachers parents can show you what are the moral values and embedding them in your behavior, its an individual thing.

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Mark said: (Oct 16, 2015)  
Moral is an individual thing. Moral is not a simple word it encompasses your behavior in social environment and how much you value yourself. When a thing is said to be immoral then it means that that thing can pose you serious problem and the extent goes down to the level up to where no one can think of in that stir of moment or sometimes those aspects never come to our mind.

Some times things so simple can earn you a very big incentive just like few praises, remembering your anniversary and your wife's birthday, going out twice in a month and some random gifts and patiently listening her can make your wife happy (its not a formula but works with me).

We human including the intelligent ones act like a herd of sheep. Let me tell you something and then you can relate it to the topic. One day I was talking to a guy and he told me that he had slept with 7 girls. The way he was telling me this was as if he was telling me greatest achievement of his life.

And to tell you he is a very normal looking guy not a sex god. When I asked him is it not wrong the he said its normal. He dares to treat girls like they are bitches and just object of sexual pleasure and I have seen girls smiling at his double sided and enjoying the so called complements.

I think just because he does not gives your name in public and can make you moaning does not means that he respects you because he makes you moan so that he can feel dominance and i-can-make-wither-under-me type of feeling.

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Anisha Sarma said: (Oct 12, 2015)  
We often see moral values are declining day by day not only on youth also the adults. In the run of competition we forget to be a human rather work as a machine. Modernity kills morals. We accept the western living style and forget the moral values.

But why we often forget who told to forget moral values for being modern. Moral values are the light in human which always make a people shine. Be modern with rising he status of moral thoughts and value.

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Kukki said: (Oct 11, 2015)  
From my point of view, youth generation are not responsible for degradation of morals and values because for making a bright career all have to choose a unique path. That may be keep you far away from parents. When we busy with some official work and unable to making contact with our parents then it does not mean that we are avoiding them or irresponsible toward them. So, today also all have knowledge about morals and values different is no one has no time for anyone.

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Saurabh said: (Oct 11, 2015)  
There were so many opinions shared I could not read all of them all I would like to say is that, yes, There is a cut-throat competition and yes, You have to agree with 'survival of the fittest'. But it doesn't makes sense that just because you have to survive then others have to go extinct. And actually, its not modernity that kills morals, it is our vague attitude towards social glitches that kills our morals.

I will not talk about how kids are brought up these days or about the bad influences that affects kids these days, all I would like to point out is that, we are paying a hell lot in our daily life due to this lack of moral awareness and if we don't change our attitude towards these glitches then we are in for paying even more badly.


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Els Mariya said: (Sep 3, 2015)  
First of all let ask one thing why blame youth for the degradation of moral values. These are taught by our parents and elders. Also media, networking sites, education system etc. ?The enhancing cut throat competition and 'survival of fittest' type of attitude. But they still prevail though under a veiled. The word "competition" has became an integral part of our lives. We all are in a race. People don't have time to care for others It is true that modernity kills morals.

There is no use on blaming anybody. This is time to think and act SO PLEASE.

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Diya said: (Sep 2, 2015)  
@Srishti Jaiswal,

I don't think only the 'youth' are to be blamed for the degradation of values we see today.

After all, don't most adults also keep up a facade of hypocrisy? It's really from the environment around you that one is influenced.

A few factors that affect the morale and value system of a young person can be,

1. The Media : In my opinion, this is the biggest factor influencing the youth. Haven't we all seen actors and actresses on the big screen taking long puffs at a cigar?

And this is just one example, to quote.

2. Parents : Once children are taught values by their parents at a young age, there is seriously no chance of going back. Of course, one must not confuse modernization and the value system, because they are aspects which seem the same, but are entirely different.

And nowadays, parents themselves are terrible examples to children! Haven't we all seen parents who tell the child "Do as I say, not as I do" Thank heavens for the good parents!

3. Peer pressure : People always want to fit in and you can't blame them for it, but you shouldn't let your peers affect your beliefs.

4. Other adults around us by whom we are influenced, by accidentally picking up on bad practices without our knowledge.

However, ultimately, it is up to one to determine his/her own path in life and value system. If they are fortunate, and sensible enough to choose and live wisely, good for them and for the society too.

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Baibhab Patra said: (Aug 5, 2015)  
Hi everyone,

I may be a kid but I wanted to share my thoughts. I think now parents have been more busy and due to that their children don't learn good values which are needed. I have seen parents don't have enough time to even interact but in that case I think at least they could give some time in dinner and even if they talk for 10 minutes it should be qualitative. I believe to make kids understand to learn good values it should be shown by the parents not given only as a lecture.

Both parents and teachers play an important role in learning good values. Nowadays 90 out of 100 kids wan to be teachers as they are a role model to kids so the same way parents should do their duty. Also now Media affects children it is very addictive and can make kids misbehave like if the parents want the kids to stop playing on an iPad the kid will argue and misbehave. So I think the parents should watch this and make kids have limited time so I hope this speech helped you understand.

Thank you.

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Prateek Jain said: (Jul 22, 2015)  

Almost are saying that our moral values are vanished but no. OK just tell me if anyone of us forget to wish birthday or anniversary of our parents. Can we forget teachers day or any national day of India never why? Because we have got proper education by our parents and teachers.


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Sohini said: (Jul 14, 2015)  
I think that moral values help us to develop in some matters which we cannot do in the way we do today. Our country needs reorientation it is lost and needs a map.

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Naman said: (Jul 1, 2015)  
Moral values are an essential past of our culture and by not adopting these moral values, we destroy our culture. A country's first impression is it's culture and by neglecting moral values we neglect our culture and by neglecting our culture we neglect our country.

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Vishal said: (Jun 30, 2015)  
According to me today there is degenerating in values because the harmony before modernisation we see between person to person is so mutual but the modern world has broken this mutual cooperation among the people due to many facilities in education many have become selfish and think of 'I' MYSELF now people don't allow to grow others rather they compete with each other. So here is lot of changes in their values.

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Zubina said: (Jun 29, 2015)  
I am really satisfied that we can not blame youth for the degradation of moral values. These are taught by our parents and elders. Also media, networking sites, education system etc. Well since childhood boys are taught that that boys never cry instead that elders must taught them that never to make anyone cry.

So I suggest before claiming anything they must see and give a proper reason for what they neglect to say their words.

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Ajit Jena said: (Jun 15, 2015)  
Moral values are the set of principles for right and wrong conduct. I think that today's moral values are degenerating. It is because we are highly fascinated by western culture and adopt such habits which seems outlandish for our Indian society.

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Harmony said: (Jun 4, 2015)  
I do agree that moral values and ethics are degrading due to the cut throat competition and 'survival of fittest' type of attitude. But they still prevail though under a veiled.

When we were young we were told stories about the honest woodcutter, cricket and the ant, and poems of goodness and truth growing up we realized that straight trees are always cut first in the forest, so we have to be a bit selfish.

But if roots are firm then nothing will make much difference. So children should be given the right type of education, they should be told about our cultures and values. The foundation must be strong!

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Adrian said: (May 12, 2015)  

I disagree. If we need to go anywhere in today's day and age, intellect must trump illogical emotions and values. Its every man for himself.

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Shakir said: (Apr 19, 2015)  
Hi, One ad is running in media in which we are seeing how to cheat father. Is this way to fulfill our requirements? Is it right? Our media is creating negative influence through the children. How can they gain the moral values? We cannot control them to see the negative advertises. It will creating a distance between children and parents.

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Sagar said: (Apr 19, 2015)  
What I think is, Morals and Values in Indian social system in not degrading but it's form is changing due to Globalization, changing social dimensions, increasing professionalism, changing family structure, changing work structure, increasing individualism.

And changes does not mean degradation, old phenomenon of good and bad changes, moral and values also changes. So we should not apply old definition of morals and values to today's worlds. I am optimistic who thought that world is changes and it changes for better.

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Sumit Gupta said: (Mar 7, 2015)  

I feel the same as most of us in the group feel that moral values are degrading these days the reason behind it which I feels is the parents and the teachers are not playing their role properly. Morale value get develop at the age of student, everyone thought us that we should not the feeling of other, pay respect to our elder and may things but there action doesn't shows the same.

When the people around a child is not morally correct then the child will also do the same. So fifthly we have to be the change what we want to change in the world so that the next generation will learn good things form us and follows it.

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Sharad Mistry said: (Feb 25, 2015)  
Friends, Read views of couple of participants here. Though online, this is a good effort to at least discuss in group about VALUES AND ETHICS.

My only question to anyone and everyone here - Values and ethics are mostly taught and learned during childhood at home by parents and elders; also by teachers in schools and professors in college; as youth dawns, these values start getting diluted and are almost thrown out.

And then these values, ethics almost completely disappear during adulthood. That's what we call BIG, BAD PRACTICAL WORLD. WHY? How can our fundamental values and ethics be retained during our youth and adult life which is the most productive period of our individual and collective lives?

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Shalini said: (Feb 16, 2015)  
Hello everyone!

I just want to say that try to become better, bigger and stronger in your life but don't ever forget your roots, don't forget where you have came from. Moral values are degrading and the reason is our fast speeding lives. We don't have time to help a needy person, carrying heavy loads and bags for a pregnant lady, or wishing a elder person passing by. We must try to achieve our goals but we should not forget our values.

The word "competition" has became an integral part of our lives. We all are in a race. People don't have time to care for others. I want to tell you all story that might can change your thinking.

A 100 mts race was about to start. Six girls were participating in that race. The whistle blew up and the girls started running. After 2 or 3 minutes, one of the them fell and started crying because she was injured. The rest 5 girls stopped, returned back, picked up that girl, and helped her to stand. Then all the six joined their hands and finished the race together. This is a real event which was happened in school for MENTALLY DISABLED children.

What have we done if we were in that place? We all would probably finish our race and try to win without caring about that girl because we are not "mentally disables", we call our self "civilized", we all just WANT to WIN.

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Maduri said: (Feb 11, 2015)  

In my opinion, morals should be developed from childhood on wards. It means the morals and values depends on how a person thinks about it. It can be determined by the value he /she gives to his parents, relatives etc.

But, nowadays these are degrading because due to western culture and not giving much importance to relations due to busy in job, personal life etc. But it is not correct one has to develop morals and values in his life for well being of his parents and society.

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Girish said: (Feb 9, 2015)  
Moral values is not degrading, you need to UNDERSTAND why they are important before you can follow them. Contemplate on Morality and once understood, you will follow them at any cost.

We Indian thinks of morality in terms of customs and religious practices. It not only about respecting elders, or ladies or doing certain things. Morality is about killing the beast, hatred and the greedy person inside ourselves. It is holistic development of a person.

In my opinion, our country both people from past and present distracted, due to too many options and choices. We crave for so many things.

What we want is just essential things in personal life and career, we should leave anything which distract us. We then will have a clear vision of what is right and what is wrong. We will have time and energy for us and our dear ones.

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Vikas said: (Feb 9, 2015)  
Hi all,

I think, as the time changes, changes the need of the hour.

Previously it was considered morally good to stay with the parents, and one who won't would be considered low on the ground of moral values, but we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. It can be any reason, it may be for good, it may be for better career opportunities.

Adding to it, being with them also does not give a so called character certificate to anyone, it should be individuals duty to be there for his/her parents and not to consider 'am as burden.

Also, I guess youth being the pillars of the nation, sees to it in their own manner, I have seen children giving there seats in metro rail to elders or the one's in need, this gives a clear picture that they still have their moral values instilled in them.

It's more of the ability to differentiate between the good and the bad, and going with the good.

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Xyz said: (Jan 25, 2015)  
The alarmingly increasing number of nuclear families alone indicates how uncomfortable one feels in maintaining a healthy relationship between family and parents. In the earlier times a man had 7-8 brothers and sisters and still he did everything he could do to meet their requirements. But today we visualize a totally transformed state where a man cannot tolerate his parents for more than a second. And moreover his children also follow the same trend !

We feel irritated when an elderly person sits next to us while we are watching TV or playing a mobile game-we wish to push him/her out of the house.

If a needy man passes by us-we do not feel anything for him-as it is a POOR DAILY VIEW for us, and THE FEW who wish to serve the needy one see the attitude of others and move back. This is the condition of today's youth.

Earning money has become one's first and foremost duty, because he has to secure his children's future-and in this tension he forgets everything-all moral values. He would love to impress his seniors by hook or by crook, but cannot endure talking to his children, asking about their problems, inspiring them. And only because of this his children turn out to be disastrous ones in their time.

We do not feel ashamed abusing our elders and get agitated even if they ask "Where were you?" We do not mind cheating others, not even our parents. And the worst is here-kidnapping, harassment and the list is endless.

Today everything we do is just to maintain our status and nothing else. We would admit our ill grandparents to an expensive hospital-not because they would recuperate soon, but because "the world will speak of our financial status"! So is our youth progressing or degrading? The answer is obvious.

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Nidhisood said: (Jan 23, 2015)  
Moral values which we today (aged 40+) have learned from our parents are far different from today's generation. Have you ever seen any child of today.

1. Getting aside when an elderly passes by.

2. Vacating a seat for a pregnant woman or elderly.

3. Offering help to a neighbor if he/she carries many bags or heavy load.

4. Being silent if any relative corrects him/her or scolds him/her.

5. Reading value based stories.

6. Listening to parents without arguing.

7. Being without a gadget for more than an hour.

8. Helping elderly cross a busy road.

9. Wishing a known or unknown at the meeting.

10. Helping parents at household and market works.

These are just a few in the list if I want I can add a lot to this. The readers are requested to think and implement such small values in their lives so that not only we learn it but become role models for the people around us. I believe that we cannot teach values to our youngsters rather its what they watch they learn.

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Sambhabana said: (Jan 7, 2015)  
Sorry @Subhash. I partly agree with you. But how many of such kind will you find from our country? Those who really work for their family and country without any personal motive and selflessly? I guess hardly anyone.

So friends- ETHICS AND VALUES ARE THE BUILDING STONES OF ONE'S CHARACTER. We must learn to shape them, without any deformity.

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Sumana Yadav said: (Dec 10, 2014)  
I want to share my views regarding "How far we must be proud to be an Indian?". Please. Don't be proud about past Indian culture & physical features of India. India has great mountains, the great Thar desert, plateaus, plains, rivers, forests etc. But a country means not only soil and it's features but a country means it's 'PEOPLE'. But there is no scope now-a-days to depict our greatness seeing us (not all but including me).

Firstly I don't have right to criticize others without checking me whether I am correct or wrong. But according to me it's all doesn't matter to give a opinion. Our society was sub-merged in flood of selfishness, in flood of jealousy, in flood of corruption, in flood of passion on money. One more highly effective one is use of modern gadgets excess. These gadgets highly contribute for drowning away of human values in their heartless tides.

The only solution for this is 'CHANGE'. "YOU MUST BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD".

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Mounica said: (Dec 10, 2014)  
Old is gold, morals are from in olden days. Each and every moral has a practical reason. Nowadays our grandparents telling that don't do that but not the reason. If you say something to a person definitely he/she will ask a question, that is 'why'?

If you clarify his/her doubt with full of clarity then that person will get the moral from that and they will understand that is not good that is the reason they are saying like this.

Thank you.

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Prashanth said: (Nov 27, 2014)  
Yes, Today moral values, ethics more than that relationship values are degrading. Today maintaining many boyfriends has become a fashion and time pass for girls n in fact some treat it as their achievement. Same apply to the guys.

Atleast we are blessed because we all are born to love and affection between our parents. But next generation children will born to just time pass relationships with many. Therefore strong families are degrading today and everyone just trying to enjoy the life as much as they want. People are not bothered whether their acts are going to hurt people around. They just want to enjoy at the cost of others happiness.

All these things are negative side of life. But there are many good things also happening. There are many good people also following honesty, ethics in their life. But most of them are suffered a lot in their life mainly due to the bad people around. So it our duty to not to allow bad dominating good and follow humanity. Hope for the better tomorrow.

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Manoj said: (Nov 17, 2014)  
It is evident that kaliyuga is defined as a time where there people let go off humanity, values. Values are those rules which become a foundation of an evolved person. Something which realizes a person of the path he took, it may be diabolical or ethical.

But we are born to follow ethical, moral values because we are from the origin of ethics, no person is born as a daemon, but he became one and why is he a daemon because he didn't follow the ethics he was born with.

This proves that somewhere, somehow one approaches to this values even if he doesn't want to follow them, every drunk person determines to drink everyday but dreams of being sober. And if not, he desires death.

Because he knows that its wrong. Some rules are never meant to be broken. Values are the ones which binds us to realize our value of being here, now, today and everyday.

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Jitendra Kumar said: (Nov 12, 2014)  
Hello everyone,

This is Jitendra Kumar,

I also wanted to conclude some view on this topics.

Parents and society which are solely responsible to imparting the moral value and ethics which are very important to everyone to have some dignity and responsible life. Which are also responsible to make every one the man of value.

As we also know that Moral Value & ethics are so called big words which are not easy to understand until we all never drop down our self ego, selfishness & so called fantasy life.

Values do have different meaning for everyone which could be described in many forms or terms like life, Respect, Responsibility, Relationship, Honor, dignity etc. Yes this is also true that these value are degrading day by day which are making the every section of nation weaker.

Adoption of some good thing from the individual culture of the nation is really good thing but sacking of these value we drop down your won culture, ethics and moral values etc. Which are not good at all.

Moral value and ethic are the most precious ornament for everyone. So, do respect and impart these value & ethics in to your next generation to make them Man of the value.

Jai Hind.

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Kuldeep Sharma said: (Nov 10, 2014)  
I am so happy to see so many thoughts and views on this topic. What I am thinking is that all of those who shared their views must be having this realisation that things has to be changed. We talked about what is wrong. But we should also think how to make the wrong right. Why not all such thoughtful persons unite themselves and serve to humanity and mankind. Trust me bad can be turned into good. What we need to show is true love, for it has a great power to shake the whole world. :).

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Anila Dewan said: (Nov 1, 2014)  
First of all what is morality?

Adhering to old practices or practicing what is right. If in a given situation a daughter- in - law refuses to maintain relationship with her in laws because they constantly harass her. Then standing up for her self respect is wrong only because the society does not support children going against their elders.

The need is to construct a virtuous definition of the word 'value'. Let our values make us better not bitter. Lets keep questioning ourselves and our value systems. Even they need to evolve with time.

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Samanpreet Kaur said: (Sep 27, 2014)  
Moral and ethical values are said to be those qualities which makes the person responsible and respectful in the society. We must have gone to deep for understand the moral values. But today these values are seems to be degenerating. Every person is becoming selfish and never think about others. According to my contribution very rare people have moral values today.

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Pratyashu said: (Jul 11, 2014)  
Desire is the root cause of all devils. The three important aspects of life are now with man that are food, clothes and shelter. But man wants more than that in order to live a cozy life. Today man has become puppets in the hands of his own desires. So he is depending upon materialistic goods which has lead to declination of moral values. The influence of machines has made man a machine which is emotionless. Love has turned to hatred, friends to enemy in this age of cut and throw competition.

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Raj said: (May 3, 2014)  
There are so many in todays society that have lost the boundaries that would have helped them in times past to determine between right and wrong. Children are now exposed to so much information which in many ways have molested them of their innocence, and have deprived them of a pure and healthy childhood.

Tomorrows Newspaper reads that an 11 year old child was gunned downed by his fellow student simply because he wouldn't give up his coat. These are a few of the teachings learned by this information generation. That material gain is more important than another human life. The degradation of moral standards starts not only from within the home, but in the Media and Educational system as well as Environmental structures play a significant role as well. To reach a generation that has been exposed to so much with so little maturity or understanding will not only be challenging for its teachers, but overwhelming for those that seek to control them.

Degradation simply means to lower ones standard of lifestyle, to make one a degenerate and to demoralize not only in standards, but in character as well. Greed has become the forerunner in the world today. There is so many that now hide behind this image call success. That it doesn't really matter what it took to get there, at least this is what they think.

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Subhasish said: (Mar 10, 2014)  
India, traditionally a religious, non-individualistic, closed society is going through the 2nd phase of economic transition. People are for the first time having the taste of economic & individual freedom. It is a volatile time when 'old ideas' are dying & the 'new ideas' are still a minority community. Whether the 'new' is 'right' or not, that is something subjective. But, in my opinion if it turns the Preamble of our Constitution into a reality in the long run, then it is good enough for me.

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Sher Muhammad Anwer said: (Mar 2, 2014)  
Morality of education system in our societies states us the way of serving the human beings and secondly ultimately having judgement between destruction and construction for the others.

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Himanshu said: (Feb 15, 2014)  
If health is gone, something is gone.

But if character is gone, everything is gone.

Teaching moral values is very necessary for the all-round development of a person. It includes discipline, manners and etiquette, behavior, control over oneself, politeness, strength, patriotism, love and care for each other. It also includes speaking truth, no stealing, becoming a good citizen. Moral values are also necessary for developing healthy and friendly relations with everyone. Loss of moral values is a direct loss of the country. A child must be given moral education at an early stage. He must be taught the importance of moral, ethical and family values.

By Family Values, we mean to have good thoughts, good intentions and good deeds, to love and to care for those whom we are close to and are part of our groups or communities, like parents and other family members and friends too. They must learn to treat others with the same set of values with which they wish to be treated. Ethical values define a set of principles of right conduct. A child must learn moral values in school, many of the schools teach the students to develop their character through books, moral stories, essays, plays.

An easy and one of the best ways to impart moral set of values and principles in a child. The child must be taught so as they must be filled with moral virtues such as wisdom, courage, justice. These days, we see some students misbehaving with teachers, people go on strike burning buses, including in bad politics or doing other kinds of harms, thus deteriorating moral values. They are having just opposite qualities of these moral virtues such as they start believing in injustice, tyranny, or may be cowardness. A child gets to know and can easily decide what is right and what is wrong for him, learns to behave mannerly in a society, he understands his responsibilities through moral values.

Moral principles held the world together. So, there is a need of set of moral principles and values to be imparted in the children to make them a better and a responsible citizen.

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Binu said: (Feb 7, 2014)  
Hi friends.

I am also somewhere in my mind is in support of the topic.

I just want to say that these values have become the things of the past. We all are focused upon money and fame.

No humanity, no love, no respect, no care. THESE ARE THE MOST FAMOUS WORDS IN OUR MIND DICTIONARY.

But the question is why we have just become like this, have forgotten our real culture, our ethics. And are blindly following what was never permitted in our culture.

Some of the animalistic things which can prove that. " yes we are not humans on this earth".

1. Honour killing (its really a shame for our elders our society. And is a prove for no moral value inside in their heart).

2. Rape (nowadays gang rapes are more popular. Boys have been muscular, and what would be better place for them to show their strength. And kill the victim mercilessly, enjoying the blood comes out of the body. This can't be human behavior. Hence a prove that we are animals. And is very much clear that animals have no moral values. ).

3. And the most famous is chain snatching, killing for money, cheating. And our elders said that they have not learnt such type of lessons to their kids. But the thing is even they have not got the time that they can spend with these young minds.

4. And the controversial one is WHEN THE PERSON ENTER INTO POLITICS, he is filling only his pockets, take bribe, DO SCAMS, do RIOTS. They have just one priority to have the MONEY only FOR EVEN THEIR HUNDREDTH GENERATION TO COME. I mean let that generation to do something by themselves. You need not to worry for them, they will be having same brain, 2 hands, 2 legs. And that would be enough. DO SOMETHING FOR WHATEVER YOU HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED. And if little bit humanity is left with you then bring all the money from swiss bank to our people.

QUES is from where we would be expecting moral values.



Supportive reasons are:

1. Discrimination between girl and boy. It gives an unfair advantage to them that they are the superior ones. And is having every right to molest, to rape, to kill.

Because they always feel women to be the materialistic things, so they use them proudly.

2. From these they have forgot to show respect to women.

3. No one can deny the fact that more than 90 percent crimes are being done by the SO CALLED MASCULINES of our society.

And the main reason behind is that somewhere or the other parents are lacking in.

Providing them VALUES, they only restrict their girls for every wrong and right.

Would that they have understood this fact than the crime rate would have decreased, and ultimately the MORALS AND VALUES WILL BE FOLLOWED BY EVERYONE.

I am not really saying that the boys are only behind every wrong thing. Girls have also forgot their culture, the way to show respect and many more.

So be an indian, live like an indian, don't show lackadaisical attitude towards everything.

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Pulkita said: (Feb 2, 2014)  
Yes, according to me its true that moral values are day by day degenerating. Moral values are hidden and this is just the thing that our youth cannot see. Just for a once we should try to choose the path of moral values you will see your life becoming much easier than the complexity.

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Rahul said: (Jan 26, 2014)  
Moral values are good and positive attributes and at Positive moral values are important because they allow you to have an overall feeling of peace and joy. Moral values can give meaning and purpose to your life. You are able to direct your behavior towards beneficial and fulfilling activities.

When you live your life according to moral values that are based on honesty, compassion, courage, modesty, and forgiveness, then you can also form positive bonds with other people.

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Atreyee said: (Jan 19, 2014)  
Yes moral and social values are degrading. We are so selfish now. We should bring the hidden morals up. The future, the students should be careful.

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Balwan Singh said: (Jan 9, 2014)  
Its fact that the morale values in society are degrading.

In earlier days joints family system was there. Grandparents used to tell the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata to children so they always followed them and understood the value of respect and truthfulness. But today parents don't have time for their son or daughter.

So today's youths learn everything from friends which is all incomplete values.

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Ipsita said: (Jan 4, 2014)  
Morals and values among Indians today is definitely changing. Today the youth values the importance of speaking up rather than being silent onlookers to whatever goes on in the society. People are more aware of what's happening around them and are ready to act against them. It is also true that people today are more materialistic today but that is what comes out of the fierce competition and the necessity to make one's presence felt in today's world. Associating value to money is not altogether bad because money can also be used towards helping people and the development of the society. So, values are changing but not degrading.

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Meenakshi said: (Dec 16, 2013)  
First of all, what are morals and values? In my opinion, morals and values is the art of distinguishing right and wrong and having the courage to take the right path despite facing obstacles.

Such morals and values are not affected by late night partying, wearing western clothes etc. Rather, they are affected or formed by our thoughts, beliefs. Our family, friends, colleagues play a major role in shaping our thoughts and beliefs.

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Priya said: (Dec 9, 2013)  
Yes, Moral and values are degrading.

The condition has become very worse in todays life. There is no trust between individuals. Competition and selfishness has increased even between siblings, friends and relatives. There is no sharing of happiness and sorrows. People feel happy to know about others sufferings.

All want to climb up the ladder pushing everyone down. Life was a lot better, people had good understanding when they had less money as in the olden days when other persons suffering was considered as your own suffering and people used to rejoice in others happiness. In the present world, it is exactly the opposite.

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Vijay Kalyane said: (Dec 5, 2013)  
Moral values are really degrading in Indian youths. The recent cases of crimes and corruption are violent examples of this. To become a superpower at the cost of its moral culture and traditions is not at all justifiable.

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Abhishek Goel said: (Dec 2, 2013)  
Moral Value are just two words today for indians because if you see a accident and injured person nobody would stop and help him. Many times we see wrong things happens but we don't care about it. We pay bribe to police man and then say system is bad and corrupted. Its depend on individual what he want to take from society and what not to take. Our parents taught us moral and values well but how many implement it and use it in our daily life.

Thank you.

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Priti said: (Dec 2, 2013)  
Morals are not degrading, India's younger generation is just not ready to carry the orthodox public opinion, they are exploring new ways of world, rebeling the hypocrites. In my opinion this is exactly what country like India needs today!

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Vipul said: (Nov 24, 2013)  
Traditional source of inculcating moral values in children are too busy or falling too short of their role.

Parents-Too busy in their own job.

Traditional joint families are becoming non-existent.

Education -All about learning science, math & language skills. Moral education is out of curriculum.

Society-Defines your success based on your position & number of zeros in your salary. End becomes important than the means.

Leaders -Political leaders -Most hated species in India.

Media- Believe that cricket, TV stars etc are topics of national importance.

Youth can not be blamed. If its a moral degradation, it is collective failure.

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Abhijeet Mishra said: (Oct 30, 2013)  
It is true that modernity kills morals. The days when we were not modern we had not so many problems like rape, stealth, murder etc. Someone says that sati pratha, child marriage uprooted due to western culture. I want to remind you if you go through history you will find that their culture were more defile than ours. Now the child have no times for their parents, grandparents, teachers. Children are not obeying parents so the graph of their character is going down. Man is different because they help each.

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Morals & Values among Indians is Degenerating

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