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Bl Devnath said: (May 22, 2018)  
G for God. D for domestic. P for products.

God's domestic product is human. So definition and acceptance vary from man to man. Lovely discussion. Live and let live with peace, harmony and with prosperity first. Let people be rich to make the Nation rich. Thanks.

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Jithin said: (Nov 22, 2017)  
India is a one of the largest growing economy in the world. India has a vast history was ruled by many like Mughals, British etc. But if we see from 1947 India fight it's own war get its place in fast growing economy. After implementation of LPG in 90's India opened its doors for whole world to invest in India. Now in 2017 India's GDP crossed 7. But due GST and demonetization, GDP came down to 5.9 but it will recover in a long run. In technology, infrastructure, defense India is growing at a fast pace. Once the slow down is over India will able generate more jobs and control inflation. By 2030 India will be the powerful nation with a developed economy.

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Sujev said: (Aug 3, 2017)  
Hi, I agree with everyone, that we want to develop our country, but our government Want to increase the GDP by increasing export. Our government Exporting the 1st quality products to other countries and then at the same time buying the 3rd quality products from other countries. This means that our government Is Corrupting our country. What is need of doing like this? Our government Is good in planning and presenting in the paper but not fulfilling the things shown in the paper.

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Namdev said: (Jul 26, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

I Think Indian economy run on public but now days this economy run by politics people he will doing whatever that are like he will think for him self and cannot think about development.

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Anish said: (Nov 16, 2016)  
Trade union is a weapon of the disrupted workers. Whenever industrial authority tortures workers to work inhumanly and deprive them of their financial support, helpless workers will be speechless audience due to social and financial impact of the management authority. Growth of economy does mean growth of garner of country with people from different sectors. If workers are deprived of their financial justice, their children will suffer from lack of nutrition, education etc. Food, cloth, home is man's primitive demand. If they deprived of it, they can not work most efficiently. Then also industrial product will be less than the previous. So growth of economy will be victim of it.

We also keep in mind that workers are not like commodities sold in the market. They also have their right to protest against injustice. Besides growth of economy does not mean only growth of the financial garner of country as well as people from the upper rank of society. It is because government of the people, by the people, for the people. If people from different sectors can live with sufficient financial support, then manpower can be utilized better for the growth of economy.

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Tarun Company said: (Sep 26, 2016)  
In my opinions, we all needs change in ourself than our society become strong and relation between diverse groups like caste, colour, creed etc become strong and we all need to do best. We need to go in path of best not success because if everyone do his/her best than our country can be developed only in a decade. So I request please change your thinking and try to do best in all field and live like brothers and make our country India developed.

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Anup said: (Sep 19, 2016)  
Yes, I agree with your point we should only improve our economy by encouraging the young peoples to come forward give their contribution towards Indian economy. Because we can improve our economy through contribution only.

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Sonali said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
Hello, everyone.

Indian economy condition is not just because of only politician and politics. We can't balm only our government.

We all are the people of India and it's our nation, so it's our responsibility to know where we are lacking and should do necessary steps in order to overcome the issue of the economy. Well, it's very easy to talk about on any topic or balm anyone. But we should first look at them what actually we are doing. Yes its true corruption, poverty, illiteracy and so many issues that are not yet resolved. But if our government is not doing effort if anyone is doing effort so it does not mean we should sit quiet and just wait for the good things to happen by their own. So my point is finding faults in government or other is so simple we should Them self-do the things so that we support our India and Indian economy.


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Ajay said: (Jul 27, 2016)  
Hello, Everyone.

I partially agree with the statement because many politicians don't help to peoples and many children are working in India.

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Akshay said: (Jul 9, 2016)  
In my opinion I totally against the statement of Indian economy old wine in new bottle.

I think it's totally opposite.

Indian economy in new bottle old wine. Cause India's economy is the 7th largest economy in the world moving toward development at the growth rate of approx 5%, there is a lot of reforms related to education, infrastructure, industry, employment are being created. Lots of FDI getting into India. I think India will be the developed economy in next few year.

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Charan said: (Jun 24, 2016)  
Hello, friends.

Many of you said your opinion but I'm differing with you, the economy of India is the seventh largest economy in the world. The country is classified as a newly industrialized country. One of the G-20 major economies, a member of BRICS and a developing economy with an average growth rate of approximately 7% over the last two decades. The long-term growth perspective of the Indian economy is positive due to its young population, corresponding low dependency ratio, healthy savings and investment rates, and increasing integration into the global economy. The Indian economy has the potential to become the world's 3rd-largest economy by the next decade, and one of the largest economies by mid-century.

Yes, we have politicians who are corrupted and we do face lots of scams in the last few decades. However India is the largest democratic country, we Indians failed to select and elect least corrupt politicians.

But people are changing their attitudes, future India is younger's India. We, young people, are the future of the India. "Little drops of rain makes a mighty ocean". Thanking you for a better India.

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Yogesh Tyagi said: (Mar 8, 2016)  
According to me, we can not blame to the Indian government. We can blame our political part. Because they are fully dependent of the Indian economy if they increased our economy then nobody person can't poor or unemployment. But the reasons is leader can't do this if everyone is become a employees, nobody ask to the leader because everyone are dependent on himself. So we can say India is shining it top level even not based if we improve our based or agricultural than it is possible that Indian economy will be improve.


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K V Subbarao said: (Nov 25, 2015)  
Hello everyone.

I accept your views but I'm thinking Indian economy is purely dependent on young generation because they are pillars of any country. But in our country young generation people are diverted towards bad and encourages corruption for their comfort.

And also education doesn't teaches values to most of students. Also doesn't provide any technical knowledge about field which is their chosen. Due to that unemployment rapidly increases which reduces our economy. If we correct our education system and give more &goo education to more then our economy definitely overcomes the top countries.

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Harit said: (Aug 1, 2015)  
Hello everyone,

In my point of view it does not matter whether the wine is old or new its only depend upon the purity. So the Indian politics should be pure and free from corruption.

As the Indian economy is based upon the industries the taxpayer should be paid tax in time and the actual value because the Indian government much more depend upon tax for development work.

As the FDI entering the realistic industries that creates lots of employment for the youth. So every Indian try to improve new skills and technology for future developments.

Finally I am saying one thing that India is a developing country it would take time to be a developed country.

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Megha said: (May 12, 2015)  
Hello every one,

As per as my view is concern I think that the statement, Indian economy old wine in new bottle is partially true because our economy is rising in its way but not that much, it should be, this is the reason why we are still a developing country. The major problem is that cost of living or you can say that our living standard is rising day by day but the income of common man is yet the same as it was in the past.

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Parag Patle said: (Jan 29, 2015)  
Hello people!

My name is Parag.

I read most of the responses and I personally believe that wine is improving. The rate of improvement with respect to time is slow. May be some of you know about the term CAPITALISM 24902. That means to bring capitalism to the whole world. That implies creating more and more entrepreneurs in the world. (24902 is perimeter of earth). Here I am talking globally but it will definitely serve at national level.

Like all the private companies should provide more and more support in terms of money, strategy, ideas to the wanna be entrepreneurs so that they can develop and create employment. It will eventually lead to rise in GDP and country will prosper and yeah we are definitely forgetting the backbone of our economy i.e. AGRICULTURE. Government is spending a lot but due to lack of education, corruption and awareness our farmers aren't able to utilize it properly.

So I think to make the wine fresh or keeping it with the pace of changing bottles we need to unite instead of the diversity which is our strength and work for each other. LIVE AND LET LIVE.

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Omkar said: (Dec 11, 2014)  
I totally agree with my friends about economy is just old wine in new bottle. Instead of taking example of politicians. We should focus on our real life example because we are part of nation.

As many of us stated it is bad or else but what is real problem is as per standard of living we concentrated more on cold drinks rather than juices this is just example to demonstrate. As you aware of all things that are happening in society. Conclusion of all this we are responsible and we must support it.

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Kanni said: (Oct 18, 2014)  
Hi everyone.

I agree with some of your points.

My opinion is our government is not supporting the products which are produced ourselves.
Instead importing products from other countries.

Yes it is good to maintain good relations with foreign countries. But before that we should support our own people.

And government should frame strict rules to restrict the tax evaders.
And make them to pay taxes properly and improve our economic position.
Every citizen should do his work properly to develop our country.

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Chandu said: (Sep 16, 2014)  
In my perspective, Indian economy is mostly based on the industries and business. Industries has to pay taxes to government, but many of the industries violating these taxes by showing some wrong proofs. Government is getting economy mostly from the taxes, if these taxes are missing then what to government do? they will increase the prices and economy also based on GDP of products. We need to export more products to more countries to get money.

Instead of that, we are importing the products from other countries that decreases the Indian rupee and also effect on economy. Finally we can conclude that development is changing and we are developing but the economy is not increasing, so we can say, we are in new trend but the economy rate is as old as the past i.e. like old wine in new bottle.

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Surekha said: (Aug 20, 2014)  
Hi friends,

I agree with all my friends, but my point of view economy is based on transporting and education, politics level. Indian economy is backbone of education (important for students) Indian economy is great politics only allow for Indian country definitely increasing Indian economy.

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Shiva said: (Jul 28, 2014)  
As per my point of view we don't blame the Indian govt and political aspect. And Indian economy is based on our economy level. Every one should keep in our mind to improve our economy level means it will automatically improve the Indian economy level. So everyone work hard and make money in good manner.

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Sukanya Surendran said: (May 28, 2014)  
Hi Friends,

In my point of view, we all are know Indian economy is mixed economy, all the countries are like to market their product in Indian market, because the Indian peoples are not reject any foreign product. We always like and help others development, but they never think these thinking leads to our market collapse.

So say you all we protect our market- we use our product, we invest our money in Indian market,

Thank you.

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Umang said: (Mar 19, 2014)  
The root cause of collapse of Value of Rupee compared to dollar is the Lack of action in last 10 years. India is growing under 5% growth rate. The condition is unmanageable as the Cost of Living is increased but the Income of citizens is still the same.

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Gopi Nath said: (Mar 19, 2014)  
Good morning one and all, as per my point of view India government is not utilize our resources properly, even its not focused implementing new technologies in agriculture, these are the main reasons for India is still developing country.

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Satish said: (Mar 12, 2014)  
Hello friends!

As the part of group discussion Everybody said "Its time to enter Dynamic peoples and Good leaders and some others into politics", Just questioning yourself 'Why can't I ?'. If it so we can cure our Indian economy with our rights, powers and Innovative thoughts.

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T.Revathy said: (Mar 6, 2014)  
I'm Revathy, Indian economy not properly used because of corruption, corruption is the main demerits of our country, if may be corruption is reduced, our country became an well developed country. Finally I conclude that people chosen good politician.

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Nandini said: (Feb 26, 2014)  
Yeah you are right its time to dynamic and young peoples to comes into politics even educated people would might become our politicians and the person who have knowledge about agriculture they must deal deal with agriculture ministry the person who have knowledge about the specific they should be deal with that era with their whole interest and perform their duty with wholeheartedly.

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Halim said: (Feb 18, 2014)  
I am agree about all opinion but some people is explaining about politics not Indian economics. Our economic is depend on only villagers people they can be former or labour but our government not supporting to them like new technology, electricity, transportation these facility should be to all former.

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Nishan said: (Jan 30, 2014)  
Hi friends I fully agree this statement. As our old rules and regulation is so better that we cannot found such law in other arena of this world, but our politicians are forgetting their duties regarding that principle. So now we the energetic youth should run our country faithfully by concerning such old laws and regulations.

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Jaya said: (Jan 24, 2014)  
I agree with all of you, politics, new economic policies, new RBI governor all are playing a lead role in making India a country worth living but have you ever wondered about a country in which people can dream big. I am a student and can say that we are living in a world in which we are thinking about a secure live rather than a challenging one. Yes there is a need to change the old policies prevailing in India; now we the youths of new India have to come out of our shelter and show some bright light to our people.

We cannot change the world in one day, we can contribute step by step. Firstly we have to gain deep knowledge about the issues our India is suffering from and educate peoples to make them aware of their rights. Its high time and we need to gear up.

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Abhinav said: (Dec 27, 2013)  
The topic of our discussion is "old wine in new bottle". I completely agree with the statement, as old wine indicates old model or method that getting updated by new infrastructure (new bottle). India having their strategies for upcoming years but also we are planning for long run goals which are in pip line and when that will be executed, we need to plan for next long run goal. So basically on going process and it will continue till we are not equal or more then developed countries.

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Rachael said: (Dec 26, 2013)  

Though my friends have come up with good points to discuss in favor of the topic, I personally do not agree on Indian Economy being termed as old wine in a new bottle. A lot has changed in terms of economic plans, surely we have come up a long way from the time of independence. Infrastructural policies, educational reforms, foreign reserves and so on have contributed a great deal to help India develop and gain a global recognition.

Rather than discussing the politicians here, I think if we shift our focus to the development that has taken place in India so far we definitely cannot ignore the role played by the strong financial plans that were laid down by manmohan singh in 1990 or the measures that are being taken by the current RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan to curb inflation. Thank you.

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Sravs said: (Dec 17, 2013)  
I agree with all of you. In my point of view each every individual is responsible for the condition of Indian economy today. We are not paying the taxes to the government properly and saving all of our money by showing wrong accounts. Most of the talented people are going to other countries because in India the other people are not allowing to grow them, this is known by everyone as there is an example stating that if all the Indian frogs are kept in an container they will not go outside since the other frog does not allows one frog to go out of it.

Agriculture is backbone of our country but the people who are having fields, does not know anything about the crop patterns. Also the people who are designated in the posts like MRO, Collectors also does not have any knowledge about it. What I feel is whether they are studying other courses, the people must have basic knowledge about crops.

Because of government there was increase in prices of all the products and land cost is also increased, so many of the agriculture lands are getting converted to barren lands. Many buildings are constructed on those lands and were sold. Actually a buildings cannot be build on agriculture land but government is not taking any action on this.

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Sathya said: (Dec 5, 2013)  
Indian economy is very bad because many poor people in India. Many children can't study because they are working. This situation was continue many years. Politician and some rich people does not help to poor people this is very sad news. When will the poverty decrease that time the Indian economy will peak increase.

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Mitali said: (Nov 29, 2013)  
I believe that mostly politicians ruling are old age people and we need a young politician with a unique thought of mind. But no chances are seem to having a capable, young and intelligent politician who can change our country's position. I feel that politicians in present time will not let such type of person come and stay in this field. They just concerned about how they can make money by ruling over nation. And they use their power on those people who can be threat for them in their mission "money making".

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Devesh Sharma said: (Nov 12, 2013)  
Dear friend,

As per my point of view Indian economy is totally depend on political aspect. We should keep in our mind economy is ultimately depend on political leader, if political leader will young n free from corruption then Indian economy will be so bright.

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Rajat Roy said: (Sep 21, 2013)  
Given argument implies - "Is the core of Indian economy unfit for the new age and only a show off to the world?".

Yes, very much agreeable because the momentum of old economy is still there and can only be renewed by younger generation, outward shining will only please your mind.

But despite, I would say Indian economy is a fresh and strong wine being served un-chilled with added water.

We all think we are lagging behind because our skills are being misused because of corruption. We believe that we can go far beyond.

It is not only the administration or the corporate to be blamed for poor strategy, but also we people, yes the common you and me.

Because, it is a chain, you cannot deny it. If here at the lowest level is you and me hoping for the right strategies by the authorities, then there is also a same you and me at the top level hoping for their employees to give their best.

Then what happened? why is it not working? Its not working because we usually don't feel like it. To be a unit. The best we can think is. "I have enough potential to change everything, but if I work hard, will the other employees work hard as me, is the boss paying attention to my hard-work, will I be rewarded for it or all my work will be demolished by corruption?".

If a single member gives up, the chain is broken and scattered. It is unable to drive the economy. It will produce only a GDP of iron piece/kg.

On the other hand if we want to do something really powerful. The best thing to do is simply work hard as per our potential without a second thought.

Because you don't work hard for the reward, reward is destined to come after the hard work.

You and me are the most vital person in the whole world, our product is the only input to our superiors which in turn is the only input for the reward we are looking for. And if you worry about corruption, then I can say, if the seed sown is pure, then corruption is a parasite and will be eliminated by the whole body.

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Debayan said: (Sep 19, 2013)  
I beg to disagree with the tag that Indian economy is being given "Old Wine in a New Bottle". I agree with the fact that the economy is a new bottle having various new policies being implemented to account for the handling of multiple aspects of economy like Retail, Agriculture, Military, Power, Banking etc.

But the Indian economy is not an old wine. More number of young graduates and engineers are taking up interest in economic sector jobs from IITs, NITs to give wise inputs into the sector. Having said all that the GDP of India has lowered down from 9.3% to 4.7% in past three years starting from 2010. Precisely the Indian economy abolished the policy of License Raj, which involved the intervention of government towards decision making and were able to maximize the per-capita income substantially during 1991-96.

But the current situation is worse than that in terms of per-capita income and GDP. The reason is probably because of the fact that 51% FDI allowance in non-branded retail and 100% in branded retail has invoked a huge number of policies to be implemented. Numerous such policies have some inherent complications within them which are not flexibly interpreted by the authority of a particular section of economy. Hence seek the government intervention which bears a combination of capitalist and socialist policies. Such anomaly in interpretation creates confusion in the sectors for which the smooth implementation fails to occur. This is only the negative aspect.

So given the current resources I think that Indian economy is there to grow with increasing FDI if the policies are in sync with the concerned demands of the customer with as little intervention of the government as possible.

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Priya Jha said: (Sep 12, 2013)  
Indian economy is not in so bad condition, we as public have to do so much of thing like unemployable: jobs are there but right people is not there who can sit on the chair. Its not always government who is responsible for the condition. Of course public is also having some demerits.

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Apple said: (Sep 11, 2013)  
Hi friends. In my point of view Indian economy is bad, Because INDIAN peoples studied well but they went outside countries for earn money. If they live here they will use their skills and improve the economy of INDIA. In INDIA so many talented peoples was there but they exhibit a great talent in foreign countries, if they did like that foreign countries were improved but our country was not developed.

And also in Indian education mostly preferred for categories. So many talented peoples are not going to higher studies and also not getting seats in good colleges.

Politicians are not help for poor peoples, they are helped only rich peoples. They will do in this way rich peoples are becoming rich. Poor peoples are not developed.

So I concluded peoples once think about it what you are, what you want, what you have to do as a INDIAN.

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Mohankumar said: (Sep 3, 2013)  
Hi all, the topic Indian economy is old wine in new bottle, is to me is partially correct & partially wrong. Because, every view shows the way of seeing it. If I am not mistaken, those who are participating in this discussion are mostly belonged to young age & middle class. (Of course, I also. Because the worst affected layer is middle class&rich due to inflation, poor people are benefiting from the high inflationary situation. Nobody would talk about middle class & rich). And are frustrated due to very less employment opportunities& high costly Education system.

The reason & solution you people are (some) suggesting & obviously eager to implement are impracticable & don't suit Indian conditions. Guys. I request you all that, don't blame the system or GOI schemes simply because, it didn't yield any fruits for you. Obviously, we are all part of the system & I believe that every one of us is directly responsible to the current scenarios, whether it is economical, political, , cultural. We must not exclude ourselves from this very system. (one eg. I would like to give you here. We all know the value of water, yet we used to preach the value of it, but when comes to our home, we don't utilize it judiciously.

So for the shortage of water supply, we blame local govt forgetting our role of importance as a responsible citizen of India) of course it's a necessary situation, if you follow some global countries you can understand why I am saying this. I am saying these because, there is a linkage between all the present scenarios. Now, let us come to the topic, , economic situation has worsened in the recent times. When comes to the reasons & solutions, I understand that, no principle or theory is absolutely useful in India. Please remember, India is a pluralistic country.

Moreover it is secular, vast. So, , India can't initiative any reforms regarding issues, because of its geopolitical position, diverse conditions in every aspect. So balanced, flexible solutions would certainly do workout. I understand that GOI is doing well, but its not in its control, yes. Only one area which the govt should consider, they are implementing wonderful schemes but neglecting community involvement. If any scheme's success not in implementation only, if it yield fruitful results, then it should have been there available for you all the time. GOI implement schemes only to a certain period of time, forgetting its future consequences. Corruption at the administrative level is also a big drawback to the effective implementation.

To avoid all these & success, community involvement is very much required. Every citizen of India should understand the responsibilities & act for the sake of big India. So please suggest implementable solutions. As for as politics & politicians are concerned, Indian people are sole responsible as they need to vote eligible persons. So the ball is in our boundary, We should act wisely. Quality Education will solve almost all problems of India. For now, there are no easy answers for current economic situation of India, as wide range of policies are need tobe follow regarding high fiscal deficit, high CAD, high inflation, Rupee depreciation, high interest rates, drop in investments, &power sector crisis. If we suggest & implement one solution, it should also work in the long term, otherwise, it will deteriorate Theocritus. I do not think, the GOI has too many options regarding current Indian financial crisis. Short term goals are tend to pose another challenge one after another.

I am sure government is ready for the challenge & find solutions, the situation will calm down within 1-2yrs. So guys let us all wait & contribute ourselves to it without hesitation. I accept one of my suggested to use the abundant& highly energetic Indian human resources. We urge the government to do so. Thank you.

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Shridhar S Mirajakar said: (Aug 30, 2013)  
Now in India, Thuglak rules following by our politicians because:

1]. (in karnataka) rice is selling to poor people at Rs.1 per kg. From this, people will not think about their livelihood. They will not work efficiently.

2]. Not necessary to announcing the act of food safety act in this situation.

3]. Reducing the foreign trade and develop the rural factory products.

4]. Peoples have to keep their petroleum based vehicles in their home and use cycles for work.

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Kamal said: (Aug 30, 2013)  
After reading the views of all the people I am surprised that so many people are really interested to improve our country. Because myself busy in my working thinking about myself.

We really need to do something to bring the situation in good condition. But who will start. We even don't know What is to be done? Who will do it? How To do It? When is to be done?

We don't have any plans or answers to this above questions. Rich people are becoming rich. Poor people are not willing to be rich in-spite of so many government facilities given to them. Nobody wants to do agriculture. Middle class people are busy in solving and fulfilling their basic needs of family. Politicians are enjoying their life by dumping the money in their Swiss bank Accounts. Only best place to work in India is enter the politics. If we just recover the black money from the politicians or if these people pay the tax on the money earned in scandals our economy will grow like any thing.

In Budget govt announces.

1. 20000 crores for road developments.

2. 25000 crores for education system.

3. 20000 crores for women development.

But in the above mentioned amounts only 20% percent is used for development. Rest all the money is in Swiss bank accounts. This is the situation of our country.

It is the duty of every citizen to ask questions to our govt regarding this scandals.

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Romesh said: (Aug 28, 2013)  
My friends you all are right, however I would like to share an example here - If you see the economic status - The Indian currency has plunged a little over 13 percent so far in the month of August alone to mark its worst monthly fall since the year 1993.

This great fall was seen due to some decisions taken in parliament in last 2-3 days. Those decisions are just going to profit the people who are marked at lower class or we can say people living in rural areas or the poor people. However, the actual public who can stabilize the conditions are not being assured for their health and wealth.

When our current government took over the positions, they were expected to bring growth and which they brought, however their strategies were different, still I think it was correct to some extent as we saw a great foreign investment in India. However, overall what we saw is development of literate people, people who are aware of economic conditions and who can predict the future values.

Since investors are looking ahead for their profits and also towards the stability of INR, the government Has been unable to assure the investors for their future profits. The reason why I mentioned this is, the Indian economy now depends on the foreign investment and not on domestic investors as they have never been profited as per their expectations.

Indian economy can only be stabilized if investors invest in India, may it be foreign or domestic. And this can only be done when correct decisions are taken by government To ensure people investing in India are being profited.

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Madhu said: (Aug 21, 2013)  

I agree with all of you but as my point of view we can't blame on other peoples. We'll have to change ourself as a part of our country for the improvement of our country. I think Indian economy is a old wine in a new bottle. We are the young generation & we have to take initiatives. It's time for youngers Thank you.

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Sefal Khan said: (Aug 20, 2013)  
I am agree with everyone's point of view about this topic. But, according to my point of view, the awareness one should have for a nation is infinitesimal now a days. Whole world is obsessed with one word and that is called myself. When it is comes to country, everyone should contemplating about nation as devotee not as a common. Yes, I do believe that India is having many problem like higher-education, infrastructure, politics, etc. Conquering this problem is not a big nut to crack.

Solution belies under two words and is conscience and patriotism. Both will mitigate the effect of bad education, craftiness, bad politics.

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Malvika Singh said: (Aug 18, 2013)  
As per my opinion the most important thing to correct our Economy is to correct politics. But this is not the only way to change the position of our economy, we should also take some steps by ourselves to correct it, like to use the products of purely Indian companies (for this we need not to change our lifestyle but just shift them, like use dabur red toothpaste or miswak instead of colgate etc. ).

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Ajay said: (Aug 13, 2013)  
This is Ajay. Surely Indian economy follows the title of the discussion. To be very true India has great potentials but the real problem or misfortune of India is that its potentials are not being utilized the way they should be. One live example of it is the reservation in education system as well as in giving of jobs at bureaucratic levels.

The students who are more meritorious and talented and score more marks compared to reservation category students, don't get preference even when they have scored well. In short selection must be on merit basis and not on the cat/creed basis i.e. resource personnel must be selected irrespective of their casts. Only then the real potential of India would be used and the above said title about India would abolish.

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Shilpa Bhat said: (Aug 5, 2013)  
Hello everyone. I would like to share a few words about Indian economy and why its still lacking behind in achieving successful economy. I agree with many who have shared their views here that its mainly because inefficient utilization of the resources which we are gifted with.

We are unaware of human resource which we have and its a main strength of the country and its not directed properly. Good quality education is must to create awareness of all these and lead the nation in right way.

Agriculture is the backbone of our country it has to be improved using the modern technology. But our govt are giving minor priority to the agriculture sector. Mainly the politicians who rule the nation are corrupted and only running behind the money.

So we, the youths who are the present and future of our country has to think seriously about this have to educate our neighbors relatives each n everyone regarding the economic crisis we have been facing. We have the right to elect the good leader who can lead us in good direction and develop our nation in right way.

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Mustafa I said: (Aug 5, 2013)  
When we talk about Economy we talk about growth of India, when we talk of growth of India it depends on growth of its citizens.

Growth of citizens to me is quality of life of its citizens.

Do you think we have the right quality of life and for all, no ways.

We are not even well nourished, our malnutrition levels are even worse than some of the underdeveloped countries.

India has abundant of resources, talent but its not being resourced.

Yes the governing bodies are responsible for this and the corporates, but at the end we people of India are too responsible, sometimes we are helpless, there is a corrupt system developed around us and even if we try to fight it, its not that easy, and we fall prey to it, we need a revolution against corruption for better India.

Like the one tried by Anna, more people need to line up for this and with more rigour. Thats the only way out for a better future for India.

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Debajit Banerjee said: (Aug 2, 2013)  
I think Present Economy is changed than previous. It is more advanced today, but as per comparison with High Economical country, then we realize that we are not progressed, we are in the same possession. We have a great problem in our economy that our economy are open, so there are scope for our opposition country to take over charges of our many sectors. Which gives a masterstroke in favor of them in future. So we really need to modification our economy not from very latest version.

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Sirisha said: (Jul 20, 2013)  
Our discussion is about India economy is old wine in new bottle. This is absolutely correct because of the reason uneducated and less thinking power people entered into the politics. Number of scientists and great persons born on our country but they thoughts and mind power buying on other countries because our country does not provide any sources to prove their abilities. These reasons India is developing country and other countries are developed countries. Finally I conclude that people choose correct politician.

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Vasu said: (Jul 17, 2013)  
It is the same old history which is getting to repeat in India. Three centuries back we were made slaves only because we were not economically stable, and yes even now we are economically backward when compared to most of the developing and developed countries. We have become the slaves to the US economically.

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Abhay Kumar said: (Jul 12, 2013)  
Indian economy is certainly going at a great pace, we are ahead in many sectors of economy, our infrastructure, our agriculture, our education system and many other streams of development growth Syntex are far far progressive in comparison to other countries economy, we are second to none.

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Aditya Vikram Singh said: (Jul 11, 2013)  
Indian economy fully depends on the decision taken by the top management of the government body in reference to the availability of resources.

The problem why we are not able to achieve what is to be required is the use of human resource at the right place.

* Person involve in all type of criminal activity is designated as CM of the state (for all 28 states).

* Person who don't know anything about the agriculture is designated as Agriculture minister along with sports minister and many more sector.

* Person who is brilliant in finance and economy is playing a different role in country future.

This is just One reason which is happening in every sector and industry.

''Putting the right talent at the right and required place will definitely give boost to Indian economy''.

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Owais Ansari said: (Jul 7, 2013)  
Hello As an Indian even I wish to contribute my thoughts, All we do is just blame each other, even I Do sometimes. But only what can make a difference is we have to stood up, we have speak up we should fight for our Rights, Global Awaking all over the world don't judge anyone, stand for right but before that be a right person, if you are finding for guilty you have to look into a Mirror.

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Sreeram said: (Jul 6, 2013)  
Indian economy is tremendously falling thanks to the corrupt government, lately I read an article which laid an emphasis to what extent can our ministers be corrupted, a bunch of sack with food items which was supposed to go to the needy people of Uttarakhand was recovered from a minister's car. Well I am an NRI working abroad, I have tried several times to move back to India but unfortunately the people in there are not offering jobs based on merit, but they are offering jobs based on cast and contacts. If these crooked practice could be clubbed or abolished I am certain we would see our nation changing dramatically.

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Balaji Kj said: (Jun 20, 2013)  
Hi All,

My name is Balaji. I want to express my thoughts about Indian economy.

Personal guts is, though you all suggesting to prove Indian economy in Many ways, these all are depends on how an individual is responsible?

I strongly believe on individual responsibility. Every Indian Citizen should think about it. If an individual perfect, the country where he belongs to will automatically improve.

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Mritunjay Kumar said: (Apr 1, 2013)  

Today I'm speaking on the topic INDIAN ECONOMY AS THE OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLE, I disagree with this statement. Indian economy is the new wine in the old bottle. The whole outline is old but the inner beauty is new, it's different from the ancient wine. Since 1991, liberalization, urbanization, globalization, has changed the Indian economy.

Our economy is moving for better achievement. After independence Indian economy has raised its flag of success.

The educated or literate people of India who are in now foreign countries should come in their country. Many Indians are working in other countries. They are working their for the development of that country. They are helping in to improve their economic conditions. But those Indian people who in other countries should come in their countries. They should come in India. It will help us to improve our economic conditions.

We are seeing that by 1991 the Indian public sector and the private sector are booming in all over the world. These sectors are providing employment to the unemployed person but willing to do work. By this the economic condition is becoming better. Our country's GDP rate has been increasing. The literacy level of our country is also increasing.

In the past years on our country only agriculture was in more use but now the manufacturing and service sector is in demand and making more profits. People have their talent and willingness to do work. Some new and intelligent politicians are in our country who visiting in the every state of our country and trying to the economic condition of every state.

Therefore, I want to suggest that try to encourage our youngster by which they come forward help to change the wine very costly, so that nobody can destroy it!

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Sant said: (Mar 19, 2013)  
Hi friends,

Indian economy not depend on politics but politician depend on economics. In present time, if we want to corruption free India and growth of Indian economy, its a time for young and Dynamic peoples to come into Politics.

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Anuj Agarwal said: (Mar 15, 2013)  
The essence of the topic is do our economy stands at the same position from where it started only the time being new. This phrase can be relevant in the sense that still the people are poor, still distribution of income is not even. But I think though the basic problem of Indian economy remains the same but the economy itself has changed a lot. If we compare today's GDP with what it was 50 years back, there is massive difference.

Today it is one of the second fastest growing economy in the world. Before we had this problem but our economy did not had resource. Today our economy has the resource but not the proper men who should distribute the resource. India's black money deposit in Swiss bank is expected to be 13 times its current total borrowing. So what we can see is economy is not the same but the problem remains the same because of emergence of new kind of religion called 'CORRUPTION'.

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Amas said: (Mar 10, 2013)  
Hi guys,

First of I will say that a good phrase is use for present politics condition.

This is suitable tag for present. I think that corruption is continuously run from a long time before and every talks about it.

But they all forget there rolls in empowering of this bane.

Today's new generation participate in politics but when new wine (new generation) shows that there is no standing position of them in front of old wine than do not try to stand against of old wine.

New wine get mix in the taste of old wine and become old wine.

So here we can say that the bottles are new but wine is still old, my dear.

That's all.

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Sudhir Hansda said: (Mar 5, 2013)  
Indian economy is a big economy and this economy is going down instead of growth. Blaming The Indian minister for this is not good because we are also responsible for it. Instead of Blaming On other if we do our job with full attention for the nation then Indian economy will map on it way. If we educate the people of rural areas as well as the urban area to give at least 20% time for nation. Then it may enhanced. Thank you.

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Irish said: (Feb 10, 2013)  
India is a rich country really if we use our resources in proper way. The next thing is to educate people for which we can decrease our population which is a great issue in today. If more and more people will be educated then they would become more responsible for our country and know their rights for which they can also help to decrease the level of corruption. Not to export our resources to foreign countries. To provide job opportunity to people. For which people became more self dependent. If we take an example of china in that country the people give their 80% time to themselves and 20% time for their country but in India people give all their 100% time for themselves. For which we would not think about our country and its development at all. So we should think about our country their people as a whole. Thank you.

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Irish said: (Feb 10, 2013)  
I think we should not blame others for the poverty that growing day to day and also the worst political leaders way of guiding which leads to corruption. We should 1st aware about what will be the right way to drive the economic and political ethics. The 1st thing is to promote the educational facility in rural areas for which they would also able to understand their rights as well as duties. Then 2nd our country has lot of valuable resource which our country always used to export to the foreign countries and other countries use our resources to become more powerful economically. So we should not export these valuable resources which our country has. Each n every person should aware about his/her duties, responsibility as well as rights for which they will come forward to help others and our country as a whole. So its not to blame others if we are doing so not tried to capable ourselves for our duties then our country can't be developed. So 1st thing is to develop ourselves n dedicated towards our duties for our country. And by which we can decrease the level of corruption in our country. And can have foreign black money back to our country. Thank you.

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Priya said: (Nov 25, 2012)  
India is a democratic country so each development and losses are also related with people. If we are dealing with Indian economy how could we blame the leaders only we people are equal part of this. Corruption is not but only done by them but we are also doing. In present time many youth are selected as our leader so basically it is right to say old wine in new bottle.

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Mr. Nayak said: (Nov 24, 2012)  

I appreciate all of your point but I also want to share my thought. Indian economy is now at good position and our economist, finance minister and RBI governor always trying to boost the economy and they also implementing their plan to make India as a well running economic country.

But, the corrupt politician and we people are not performing our work in a efficient manner and our education, technology, infrastructure and agriculture all should need to develop. Thank you.

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Ruchita said: (Oct 23, 2012)  
Good morning everyone the topic today given to us is Indian Economy Old Wine in New Bottle and according to me Indian economy is one of the biggest economy of the world we are having a huge amount of possibilities but every one is not aware of it, the biggest problem of our country is our peoples we always have excuses or we always blame others never tried to see our self what we are doing we are the young generation and we are the pillars of our country so instead of blames others or our economy we have to take initiatives. As we all knows old is gold so its totally depends on us how we start to grasp new technology, opportunities from the market by having our old economy.

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Mahendra said: (Sep 4, 2012)  
Hi freinds, according to me India is growing economically well, but what is hepening that we pepole are not doing our own job in good manner i.e. self responsibility. Beside blaming to other just see inside how much we are shouldering our resposiblity, everybody running behind the money. Rationialisation on growth no body is giving attention. If we stop black marketing, give proper eductation to the villagers to know about their right. Stop export items which more in demands in our country import essential commodity.

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Dfdfdf said: (Aug 30, 2012)  
Indian economy is going bad day by day because leaders not doing their job and they became corrupted. Exploitation of poor people is still going which tells about how much we are strong. The present scenerio tells we are going down and down since there are so many scam happenrd in India like coalgate, 2g, nhrm scam. Our leaders became bankrupter.

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Arka Majumdar said: (Aug 24, 2012)  
India's economy has suffered mainly for our political leaders, they are worstly corrupted and did'nt join the politics to help our nation but for them. They can not make firm decisions to improve our economy rather they prefer babri masjid, godhra or recent assam-mumbai riots. All parties have their strong vision in this sector not in economy. We don't have the strength to hold all the nation in one stand. We are divided and polarised and therefore not stable. For good economy we need a very good social understanding and devotion. We only see our profit not as a whole nation or people. If we overcome this then only India can become a real healthy superpower in economy. Otherwise it will also grow but not as a whole country but for certain people. Commons will be where they are.

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Ganga said: (Aug 21, 2012)  
In my openion Indian economic rules and regulations are absolutely right. There is a problem in implementing the rules. Recording to this I agree old wine in new bottle. Yes old government policies are re implementing. . When ever our politetions change their mind sets then only our India become developed country.

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Kartikey said: (Jul 29, 2012)  
Good morning everyone,

According to me, Indian economy is still in the condition of OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLE. To those who said differently, No disrespect I instead appreciate your point but the above is just my point of view. India is still operating at a slow pace, using the old methods, techniques, habits, policies, processes, etc. If compared with the time.

We are in 2012 and still if you want a tatkal railway ticket, you would have to stay awake and stand in line for hours to get a conform ticket. Instead of guarding your position in the Que for the whole night, there could be ensuring electronic entry of data at every railway station.

Not just the policies but also the people planning them and the people executing them are, well more of OLD WINE compared to the NEW BOTTLE of 2012.

I am not saying that new population should be the in-charge but the contribution should increase from current levels. OLD WINE tastes of experience, NEW WINE has innovative and fresh taste. To avoid economical disasters and cause riotous growth both are necessary. The economy and the lives of people of a country should be developing and evolving continuously.

The governing body should have experience and new way of thinking both, a combination of old wine and new wine to get the best of the two.

India is evolving, but at a very slow pace w.r.t. The rocket-speed developments and changes around the world. It is time increasingly new methods are planned and corrected and implemented with old experience. It is time to make INDIAN ECONOMY the APPROPRIATE MIX of OLD AND NEW WINE in the NEW BOTTLE.

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Pooja Singh said: (Jun 10, 2012)  
I agree with you all of my friend but in my point of view you can't blame only the politians or N. Are. I's because India is democratic country and we choose our government. And no government is free from corruption. My friend we all known the problem of our economy faces but we have to sugges some ideas to overcome the prblems of our faces. I think government have to take reasonable steps to make our economy strong no doubt India is a big country and its a developing country so we have opportunity and have platform to perform so why people go aboard for studies and work because somewhere our country fails to provide the higher education and platform to perform. Why the people of India work for another country because they get more salary and everyone wants to make money.

So I think government have to take some steps to overcome the problems. Its not about old wine or new wine its about the wine should be pure. In our present economy we have many opportunities but we have to aware and grabe our chance. New economy like our technogy, infrastructure, urbanisation, globalisation taking place we have many opportunity so from my point of view its a new wine in old bottle.

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Anand Kartik said: (May 30, 2012)  
Old is gold rightly said by someone indeed this stands fr Indian economy. We may not be developed when compared to European nation but firm base of our economy makes a nation which can withstand global crisis. Our banking policies are firm. When global economy was under crisis India maintained its development steadily.

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Djoygaurav said: (May 5, 2012)  
I guess being a large populated country like India it has many roles to play specially in the field of economy. And where there is corruption at its peak its very important to survive even and see the country is flourishing very well overcoming all d negative aspects plus the mischief mongers in politics. Country where people are obsessed with efficiency of every thing, the title to the economy-old wine in new bottle suits well. :).

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Shubham Bhattacharya said: (Apr 27, 2012)  
As far as I think India has opted the right formula for survival as well as growth. Keeping a firm base by utilizing capitalist form of economy is its economic goal. The capitalist form of economy has its pros and cons. So isn't it better to use it to the right extent? Even there was an economic breakdown at america which is a hardcore capitalist nation. India survives as well as grows at the same time. Might be the growth rate is slow. But sustainability is also a very important factor. Especially where a huge populated nation like India is concerned. So keeping in mind the present and the near future for me India is "Old Wine in a new bottle". Rightly!

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Harshal said: (Apr 12, 2012)  
As I want add some more points here, I am also disagree with New Wine in Old Bottle. After 1991 we changed our mindset from closed economy to open economy. All sectors which are coming in economy (Export-import, banking sectors, mutual funds, share market, etc. ) increasing vigorously. Before this we were not allowed to do business with any country independently because we are not able to provide that much stability to our country, but now condition is changed. We improved our agriculture sector in some areas, people get aware of new schemes of baking & investment, we are increasing our products which are used for exporting & which give maximum foreign exchange, we are a part of BRICS, SAARC groups. So this noted as we are on write path not on old one. So finally I want say that there are some things which are interrupting this, but every system is not a perfect one. Slowly it recovers from all such stuffs.

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Harshal said: (Apr 12, 2012)  
As I want add some more points here, I am also disagree with New Wine in Old Bottle. After 1991 we changed our mindset from closed economy to open economy. All sectors which are coming in economy (Export-import, banking sectors, mutual funds, share market, etc. ) increasing vigorously. Before this we were not allowed to do business with any country independently because we are not able to provide that much stability to our country, but now condition is changed. We improved our agriculture sector in some areas, people get aware of new schemes of baking & investment, we are increasing our products which are used for exporting & which give maximum foreign exchange, we are a part of BRICS, SAARC groups. So this noted as we are on write path not on old one. So finally I want say that there are some things which are interrupting this, but every system is not a perfect one. Slowly it recovers from all such stuffs.

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Unnati said: (Apr 9, 2012)  
Our economy is actually in a transition stage. We are progressing but it will take time to be called a developed economy. Politicians are now aware that the old thinking style will not work now. They will have to find new ways to tackle the complex problems of our developing economy. We have the 2nd largest population in the world and it is not easy to meet everyone's requirements but we have made significant progress in the past couple of years and can still continue to do the same. I feel we are no longer an old wine in old bottle but rather new wine in new bottle.

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Kaustubh U said: (Apr 2, 2012)  
How many remember the name of 'ARCHARYA CHANAKYA'? The great Indian Economist. His thought are known as 'CHANAKYANITI'. I am telling this because the topic directly get related to 'CHANAKYANITI'.

-Chankya was responsible for the thought process of SINGLE NATION in the era of different kingdoms within the boundary of India. Chanakya talked about the dirty politics and the remedies to handle it.

-He pin pointed the importance of teacher in building the one nation.

-He was only the person who actually finishes the rule of 'KING DHANANAD', the most corrupted king of MHAGADH kingdom, without having a battle with him.

-He was the person who united all kingdoms when ALEXANDER the great attacked from north. Under his guidance only kingdoms like PANCHALI, NEPAL Naresh etc. Which were on boundaries got united against ALEXANDER though they were rivals of each other.

-Chankya gave a lessons to his student about their responsibilities toward the nation.

-He told the importance of Agriculture and Trading between kingdom.

---- Now tell me all my dear friends is this a complete match of Indian Economy? which includes.

1. United INDIA in different states.

2. Trading and agriculture within country and outside too.

3. Corruption in politicians, As remedy and chance of correction, Election that is to be held after every 5 years.

4. Importance of Education as a backbone of Indian Economy.

These are the main pillars of Indian Economy. Smoothness in this in addition of the aspects of globalization and international economy is nothing but today's economy.

The same case with wine also, IT IS NOT ABOUT THE FAKE WINE OR SOMETHING, older wine is amazing at its taste, smell and its fully fermented ingredients.


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Neville Sam said: (Feb 27, 2012)  
Speaking about Indian economy, whether its old wine in new bottle or new wine in old bottle.... Many of us are unaware about the major parameters that determine the foundation of Indian economy. Let me just list out the few parameters which forms the basics of Indian economy.

1. Education - This is the top priority of India right now. Because, everybody knows, India is second largest populated country in the world. Population one of our strengths should be directed in the right way to achieve maximum efficiency. Therefore, to move this population in the right track, EDUCATION is MUST.

2. Electricity - This is the basic critieria to run any industry. At present there is a huge gap of supply and demand in electricity. The economy of India mainly depends on Industries and their growth. To improve the industrial efficiency, ELECTRICITY is MUST.

3. Infrastructure - This is another important criteria when we speak about Indian economy. If you see other developed nations, their infrastructure is way ahead if you compare it in India. Therefore, we must lay our concentration in infrastructure if you want India to be a developed nation. Therefore INFRASTRUCTURE is MUST

4.Governing body - As we all know, we must have a good administration to have a good control over all the rules and regulations prevailing in India. The rules need to be more stringent and all corrupts should be punished. Here there is a lot of scope to be improved. Therefore GOVERNING BODY is MUST

5.Agriculture - Basically India is a Agricultural country. But now agriculture is under prioritized and all the agricultural lands are turning out to be commercial lands. This trend must change. All our newly invented technologies should be used to bring agricultual reforms. Therefore AGRICULTURE is MUST

6.Resources must be routed properly - India is still having a lot of resources to be utilized and it must be properly routed. For instance electricity is wasted in many ways like electricity thefts, subsidy for electricity for farmers. These things can not be done when there is a scarcity of electricity. Therefore all the resources must be routed properly.

All these are a few parameters that all Indians must know who wants India do be a developed nation. Even though we all say "OLD WINE IN A NEW BOTTLE", many of us doesnt even know about the old wine. So please read it and spread it and let us create an awareness in the mindset of people and lets make India a developed nation soon.........

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Ankit Bhawalkar said: (Feb 17, 2012)  
Hi friends,

The topic of our discussion is "Indian Economy: Old Wine In New Bottle". In my opinion, the "old wine" here refers to the traditional economy of our country and all the older methods by which people harnessed the natural resources for earning their livelihood. And the "New Bottle" here refers to the latest infrastructure and new technologies on which our economy prospers.

For example, in ancient India people used to borrow money from SAHUKAARs at some interest rate to fulfil their emergency needs. But now this facility is provided by various banks in our country in a more advanced and hi-tech way. Our country was an agriculture based country and now also agriculture comes under priority sector of our economy and farmers are the backbone of Indian economy. That's why govt. has been providing various facilities at subsidised rates to our farmers.

In ancient India, people used to burn woods to get heat and light. But now this wood is used in thermal power plants for generation of electricity which gives us light and heat.

So, through these examples, I want to say that with judicious use of our resources, keeping agriculture always at the top of our priority list and by erasing the problem of corruption, our Indian economy will grow manyfold in this "new bottle".

Thank You!!

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Sofi said: (Feb 8, 2012)  
Friends, Our govt want to put strict rules, then every one want to follow that rules. Who all are not following that rules, govt want to give big punishment. So that corruption will reduce in our country. When the corruption start to reduce, country it will grow as much as fast. No doubt in that.

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Kamini Kumari said: (Jan 16, 2012)  
I would say yes that older wine taste much better than the new one. Old politicians should be there as they have more experinced than the youngster and at the same time youngster should also be given chance to be in politics for there fresh and new ideas. And all those who go abroad for higher packages, salary or education should study in India. And one most important thing is only those persons who go abroad for there job and pay taxes there are not the only persons whose paying will be helpful for the govt here in India there are lots more people who keep black money and they don't pay taxes even so that should be corrected first.

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Saurabh Agarwal said: (Jan 12, 2012)  
Ya this is right, Indian economy is old wine in new bottle, but if we thought abought it, why this is happening than, only we are responsible for this because we don't want to change ourself and repeat our daily rutine, we don't think about something new.

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Ishu said: (Dec 31, 2011)  
Well India economy is new wine in old bottle thanks to our prime minister monmohan singh. Then the finance minister of India in 1991 which brings the economy reforms which changes all. Before 1991 the agriculture contributes 75% to the countries GDP and services sector contributes 15% but now services sector contributes 75 and agriculture contributes 15%. Nowdays there is huge inflow cash from fII and FDI all major firms are to our market (india) such as wall mart because India economy is new wine in old bottle not old wine in new bottle.

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Shivangee Pandya said: (Dec 28, 2011)  
Certainly agreed with everybody, the graph of Indian economy is incresing day by day. Politician who had good past record they should be given chance. Otherwise some faces should come come forward who think they can serve the country in better way, who can really built corruption free India.

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Shweta said: (Dec 18, 2011)  
If the matter is about brining the young one's in the politics, I dnt thnk sooo will be a perfect or even good solution to the problms exsisting. Neither do I thnk the youngstor doin good job being politicians. Most of the youth who are in politics belong to families of political background. And instead worrying problems of country, thy are busy in promoting there there parents. Where as the old wine (anna hazare) is seeming a headache for the corrupted one's. And that to adopting the means of gandhiji. So it is good to let the wine be in old bottle. Thn only it will show its effect.

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Kashif Khan (Sheenu) said: (Nov 8, 2011)  
If we want to improve of economic condition nd making growth. Then we should apply two things. At first we should give our cotribution to stop the corruption and request to the youngster who are going abroad to earn the money and they are giving their valueable tax to other contries in terms of doller and other economy where they are working. By using this money other countries are making strong their economy. If the youngsters will stay here and will give their tax to the country then our country's economic status will be improve and we should not also forget about our man power. By using those techniques our country will growth very rapidly and will successful country. Because the density of water depend upon the particles, if our particles like youngesters will go abroad then our country's density will decrease. So we should not go abroad nd contribute in growth of our country.

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Pooja said: (Nov 3, 2011)  
Don't limit investing to the financial world. Invest something of country purpose, and our country will be richly rewarded as developed all were repeating the thing politics is main cause but u should remember that politicians are not from other countries so young rocking stars concentarte on politics and become a good politicain and change the rules..

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Pooja said: (Nov 3, 2011)  
It may be savy it sector of india is not so good but there in us it may be good because of the working rockstars r indians..u knw one thing 40 percent reduction in the number of students going abroad in the last two years..u can imagine how many rocking stars are leaving india..if they were work for india then india will be in the top most place..

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Rajkumar said: (Oct 12, 2011)  
If we see our Indian history we were always strong in our population. More than population the number of eligible workforce we have either knowledge industrylike IT or banking or Govt services or in manufacturing take for eg. TVS or Ambani or Tatas. We never lagged in our talent or hard workship.

On the other hand, India is blessed with good amount of minerals like Rice, Wheat, Coffee, Cash crops like Cashew, etc. So now we have materials and man.

We have always banked upon our strengths like our knowledgeable work forces I the recent years esp. From 1990s. Do not forget Agriculture in the end is a mfg sector which contributed to 65% of our GDP and now it contributed to mere 25%. This is good for our economy as well because We are good at services industry now. More than 50% GDP is from services. If you compare this with developed nation like USwhere service industry contributes to 60% nearly to their GDP. So we are now a right mix of services + mfg. But with little more emphasis on mfg we are ready to rock the world. After all do not forget India is one of few countries who were not affected by that 2007 recession!

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Savy said: (Sep 8, 2011)  
Well most of you guyz are blaming the people working abroad even here jobs are available but you should need to be aware that yet IT sector of India is not so good, as manufacture of product is almost negligible.

And about the wine. It doesnt matter that the wine is new or old but the thing to be consider is whether the wine is real or fake. If it is real then it will for sure tastes good but if it is mixed up with corruption n malicious components. Then it may lead to death.

If the wine tastes good it will definately hike our economy which catches the interest of foreign countries and they will make economic & IT sectors which provide jobs based on your area of interest n will pay tax to our country.

This all need dedication to our nation. Words are just a part of daily life but we need to implement it.

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Sreekanth.P said: (Aug 24, 2011)  
I agree wit all my friends, but the thing is development of a country not only lies in the hands of politicians but also in everyone of us. Even oceans are formed from drops. In each and every field everyone is corrupted,especilly our politician are one of the way to this .

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J.Mohammed Ansari said: (Aug 22, 2011)  
My thought is our economy is improving a lot compare to last few years due to the revolution of it sectors. Our ultimate aim for future to achieve the number one position in economy. For achieve that position by improving the research and development area in all sectors. Then India attain the number one position soon.

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Sharma said: (Aug 6, 2011)  
I agree with Jyotsna Yadav because as he said that if our youngesters working for foreign contries means then how our economy will develop. Because if they pay tax for other countries means that country's economy will only develop. India has man power than the other countries. So why we should work for other countries to increase their profit. What I want to conclude means I am asking our youngesters to work in our country to increase the economy of our country.

In the past years on our country only agriculture was in more use but now the manufacturing and service sector is in demand and making more profits. People have their talent n wllingness to do work. Some new and intelligent politicians are in our country (sachin pailot, Rahul Gandhi n etc) who visiting in the every staste of our country n trying to the economic condition of every staste.

Therefore, I want to suggest that try to encourage our youngesterby which they come forward help to change the wine very costly, so that nobody can destroy it!

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Sandeep Kumar A said: (Aug 5, 2011)  
In my point of view these politicians are the main culprits for this Indian Economy.

In each and every field everyone is corrupted. This scam that scam like that everyone is saying about that but the problem is not solving and that scams. That culprits are in front of us but govt is not bothered about that because of the politicians how play a major role in this. Simply this politicians displaying the Budget that we have done this work that work but how much quality of work they have done they don't want that they want to show this much of budget and swallow remaining.

By this how the Indian economy can be increased.

Some of the indians after completing this Graduation. They are interested to study in abroad. They want to stay over there earn money over there increase that countries economy.

Like this our Abdul kalam and our sachin will think like them.

They are not bothered about that foreign country dollar or pound they are think about their Nation, their mother land.

In each and every field there many competitive exams like this.

There should me some should be something like this for the young political leaders to enter into politics.

So, at last my conclusion is study here, stay here, earn here, pay tax here, live here and make a good Nation and increase Indian Economy.

Jai hind!

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Smitanjali Behera said: (Aug 2, 2011)  
I disagree with the statement because the wine is alwase new that is economy policy are alwase right but how many of us are free from corruption. No govt can change this old wine to new wine unless and until we change our mind and make us free from corruption. We the younsters hav that power to bring revolution in country.

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Rohan said: (Jul 17, 2011)  
Indian economy is not an old wine in a new bottle. But its a wine that is slowly and slowly being nurtured and developeed to be one of the strongest economy. Liberalization has played a great part in it. The wine as old it is the strong it is they say. So as old n old this economy goes. The wine will remain the same with a new designed bottle.

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Indian Economy: Old Wine in New Bottle!

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