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Anishith said: (Dec 9, 2020)  
As my point of view, if one company got a bad Impression it is so hard to back it's normal. Because the company must be placed for resolving problems of consumers. If it is met failed means it is a failure to resolving problems of the customer. So back to the problem, if it solved then people will start approaching this company again.

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Anishith said: (Dec 9, 2020)  
As my point of view, if one company got a bad Impression it is so hard to back it's normal. Because the company must be placed for resolving problems of consumers. If it is met failed means it is a failure to resolving problems of the customer. So back to the problem, if it solved then people will start approaching this company again.

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Neeraj said: (Aug 23, 2017)  
Hi Guys,

There are many planned ways through which business can get rid of the bad name we know it is not a cake work to do but full dedication may give a better way to use. First of all, we would like to know that why the business has earned a bad name in the market so that we can implement according to that because each and every problem has its own reason at the place. There are some common reasons which are going to be explained. Offering bad quality, less quantity, late delivery, High prices etc. If a company tries to use proper strategy to get rid of the bad name so that company may get rid of the bad name because it is not impossible only there is need of a proper strategy to implement at the market place.

We all know that each and every product likes according to the time if there is a time for a particular product so try to offer that why you offer that which is not being required at the place. So if a company is ready to do business as per the demand of the market so it is distinct that they would not face any such problem before them.


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Anamika said: (Jun 24, 2017)  
Hi everyone,

According to me, if a business gets a bad name attached to it, then I feel it is quite difficult to get rid of that name, though its not completely impossible. Business has to identifies its flaws and work upon that, come up with new strategies, improve the quality of its products and services, try gaining public goodwill by identifying customer needs and satisfying their wants. Also it needs to realise its responsibility towards society and focus should be more on wealth maximization than on profit maximization. It will take time but it is not an unachievable task. Thank you.

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Aishwaryashinde said: (Mar 9, 2017)  
Hello everyone,

When business face such situation then the only possible thing would switch your current strategy and focus on the new strategy according to the situation and try to adapt the same, initially examine the problem about why the company faced such situation and try to take corrective actions!

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Megha said: (Sep 22, 2016)  

For a business firstly it is very hard to establish its name among its customers and prove to be a reliable product and once established it is even harder to keep up its name.

So if a business gets a bad name attached to it, it can always come up again by using effective stratergies, for example, let us see the case of nestke whose one of the most favourite product got associated with illegal practices but then nestle soon recovered from this phase by gaining people's confidence once again! and this was done by putting up effective advertisements etc.

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Kpan said: (Sep 21, 2016)  
Hi, in my opinion, I think it is very difficult to cover back your reputation in market again, and on another side, it is not impossible for example, nestle maggie has got rid of bad name that it has earned so it needs proper planning.

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Suleman said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
As far as I think, Gaining again its reputation in today's market is very hard near to impossible. First of all, try to rectify all the flaws and come up with their solutions. And finally, change the name of the organization.

Renaming the organization means that you come up with new ideas and new business.

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Vanshika said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
Hi, friends.

It is not easy to remove the stain of our bad works. It is difficult for any organization to make or maintain its goodwill in market Bt not impossible. Any organization can return back its goodwill by supplying quality products, optimum use of resources, or by stopping adulteration. As their products stop having an adverse effect on consumer then the consumer will start purchasing it or It will result in increasing organization's goodwill.

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Ashok Jahde said: (Aug 17, 2016)  
Hi Friends,

A bad name of the organization/Company in the business is one of the major reason is:

1. Make a decision in time for the business.
2. Quality product.
3. Why the product is good to convince of the people.
4. Customers believe in the company.
5. Supply of the product in time anywhere and anytime.

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Arjun said: (Jul 18, 2016)  
A business organization can easily get rid of the Bad name it had earned is just by satisfying the customer needs in all aspects. Be it the quality or price. The product the company launch must be reliable in such a way that even a layman can use it. In spite of having to satisfy the customer needs, the organization must also work towards the welfare of the people, especially during Havoc periods. Last, but not the least the business organization has to pay the Government Bills properly and above all the employees must be given incentives and awards to enhance their working skills, hence they will be loyal towards the Organisation.

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Shahista Siddiqui said: (Jul 1, 2016)  
Business is all about taking a risk and managing it. It may happen that business has to go through the bad stage but everything is not permanent. Steps should be taken to solve it. They should figure it out what is the reason behind it what is its cause and then take steps to recover it although it's difficult to regain the same level of trust but instead of being hopeless various steps should be taken to obtain the good name back. Like customers opinion will be helpful to improve the quality of the product and satisfying the demand of the customers. It is one of the main motives the business if customers will be not satisfied they had to go through bad name because customers will criticize if they do not get what they want their product to be.

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Aditya R said: (Jan 18, 2014)  
First of all, once a company or business has earned a bad reputation, it will be a tough ladder up. But that does not mean they should get bogged down and take a drastic step which can further hamper the situation. There should be a proper planning stage in which it discusses what all went wrong, how they went wrong and what needs to be improved. Then proper research should be conducted depending upon the business. They should try to find out from the customers why they were not satisfied. Every persons opinion does matter and should be taken into consideration without any prestige or ego.

For example I might be a random person who is speaking to my friend saying that xy brand of mobile is not at all good and suggest not to buy it. Try to find out what his reason might be. Small inputs give way to bigger results. Then once all this is done, the team should work out and implement all these inputs adding innovation if possible. Then marketing and advertising again is a mammoth task since this business has already gained a bad reputation. Creativeness and understanding of customer needs and emotions plays a huge role. These are some actions which a business can take in order to gain back its glory. As I had mentioned, it is not an easy task given the competition it might be having but investing time is also necessary.

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Rahul said: (Dec 6, 2013)  
In my opinion first of all the company should apologise to its customer. Try to freely change the product if possible. And should study what was the reason which led to failure of the product and take some strict action against it so that in future things don't happen again.

And again make a come back by selling product at a cheaper rate as in India max people first priority is the cost of the product.

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K.V.Ashish Srivatsav said: (Dec 3, 2013)  
First of all, the company needs to be changing its standards that have caused for a bad reputation. It should remove the persons causing for it. To regain the lost fame, it should attract the customers by the method of DIRECT TO HOME. The executives should go the people, meet them personally and ask for their ideas and try to implement them.

A team of people should complete the task. It will create a good and positive response among the people. If the condition is too worse, then the company name should be changed, as a method of tactics. The products should be released with lesser prices for some period of time. The company might worry about break even point but they should keep in mind that if the people trust the company, break even point is not at all a big concern.

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Shwetha said: (Oct 21, 2013)  
Yes, it is very difficult to gain the reputation what they had before, but the same time it is not impossible. Firstly know the main reason why it has happened and make sure there is no next to it. Go for advertisements and do not remove the employees for that cause. If so employee may also spread the news against the company. He/she might be might be spreading it on social networks and that may also leads to the company's bad name. So, work the things in the proper way. And the success would as follows.

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Manish said: (Sep 21, 2013)  
Hello friend.

According to me its very difficult for any company to get rid of its bad name that it loose at once, because earning reputation is very difficult. Moreover bad name directly affect the turnover of the company. But as we all know nothing is impossible. So in this situation company has to revised management plan and strategy to recover its position in market again. Company should give more attention to that area for which company reputation fallen. Moreover company have to invest on advertising and endorsement and maintain its quality forever.

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Veena Libin. said: (Sep 4, 2013)  
Once a company gets a bad name its very difficult to get rid of that. So employees are the assets of the organization, they can help the company in such a situation. Better hard work, marketing strategies etc are helpful to overcome such situation.

Famous companies such as cad bury, coca -cola also had faced such problems. Once worms were found in cad bury and later this bad name was overcome by appointing a good brand ambassador ie: Amitabh bachan who is a famous, huge fan following and trusted film celebrity. Same has happened with that of coca-cola. Earlier in my childhood days the public was saying that acidity is too high.

So it is damaging the teeth, it has the power of decaying the teeth. At that time we were not used to drink. But what happened now. The company sales volume has been increased and it is one of the famous company here.

So bad name also can be recovered by means of team effort and unity. By means of adopting proper marketing strategies, providing awareness to the customers. After all customers are considered as the king of the market/business.

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Deksha Saxena said: (Aug 25, 2013)  
Hello friends.

It is a very difficult task to earn someone's trust but it is very easy to lose it.

That's why, it will be a very difficult task for an organization to get rid of the bad name but nothing is impossible.

To get rid of,

First of all, it is necessary to find out the main reason and the persons who are involved (if any) and try to understand why such situation occurred.

The, organization should make a proper strategy and plans to work in the direction of the removal this bad name and also should try to convince the customers and society into your favor.

Employers should also accept their responsibilities and should work as a team.

Organization should form different teams to work in the different area like one team take care of the consumer demands, another one should take care of the work to be done properly so that the product can be ready on time and the costumer don't has to wait etc.

Also, such organization should do something for the society welfare.

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Triples Sss said: (Aug 17, 2013)  
First of all I would like to say thanks to all my friends who are involved in discussion. It is good to appreciate the topic which we get as a discussion. As we all know about the topic ie. How can a business get rid of the bad name that it has earned. As per my opinion we should design a chart i.e. 5W AND 1H. It describe WHO, WHEN, WHAT, WHY, WHERE AND HOW. Once we made a chart then go for solving the things so that next time will not be happen.

This task should do by top management without blaming to employee and customer. They should make a company policy in such a way that no one can do again such type of mistake again. The employee should work with dedication and made 100% effort to rid of the bad names. The customer should be giving time to overcome from bad names. It is very difficult task so every top management have to be patience, positive approach, persistence attitude.

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Pritam said: (Aug 17, 2013)  
When company get bad reputation then company should try to find the the reason why name of the company is being spoiled. If company gets the reason then it should try to resolve it with patience and cleverness. Company will produce good quality of products and these products will be available for customers in cheaper rate. Company must take some responsibilities and obligation for their employees, customers, society, government and environment.

Company's responsibility for employees :-company should not prevent labour turnover and not get out them without a reason this spoils the name of company.

Company's responsibilities for society, environment and government :-company should organise some medical camp for society. Company should spread wastage on public place and river. Company should give the proper tax to government And involve in corruption activities.

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Anu said: (Aug 1, 2013)  
Hi friends,

We all are business will provide the service to the people. If the people are satisfied by the services then business succeed and get profits otherwise get loss. Coming to the point rid out from bad name is difficult but not impossible for that first we have to identify the drawbacks for the failure, ever customer want quality of service so, first thing we have to rectify that, after we have to check the working of employees in business there is any chance to change the employees because for their performance not good. Finally by renaming and giving good publication to the product through advertisements we will get rid from the bad name.

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Anandi said: (May 29, 2013)  
First of all, the corporate should make the public know that they too are disappointed to let down their customers and the public. They should assure them about everything falling into place after wards and should try to win back their trust by going that extra mile and evaluating the root of the problem. The next step is to set arrange for a particular set of guidelines and regulations that can keep a check on some miscreants at the company to help keep the problem at bay. And also taking suggestions and feedbacks from consumers will let the latter lot know that the companies value their opinion and are trying their level best to gain their confidence and eradicate their problems.

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Gowtham Kishore said: (May 28, 2013)  
Hi friends,

Business is the no.1 way to get success at the same time it is the no.1 way to get the failures. So we need to look only towards the success by putting our ideas, effort and by following the business ethics. This is simple, for a success in the business we need to follow some principles:

1. Create a good circle. That people surrounded by you should believe you and preferred only your products.

2. You should have good knowledge on people expectations on the products and your product should reach their expectations.

3. And you need to give good publicity to attract the people by describing about the benefits of your products.

If you successful in these principles then you will be the perfect Business man who never get the bad name in the business.

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Akin said: (May 27, 2013)  
I want believe that some of the answers here has really deviated from the question asked.

Now In my own view, I will say ebusiness can erase the bad name of a company because if you could use your energy, strength even money to promote your ebusiness why don't you the pump equal attention into your normal business and its going to make a difference. And by the way, you can also try partnership and that will help you rebrand your business.

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Sri said: (May 24, 2013)  
If any business have earned a bad name then it is the responsibility of every employee.

So first it is necessary to identify the problem faced by the business and necessary steps are to be taken to overcome from this problem, every employee must work hard to his 100% effort and the make the business to get rid of the bad name.

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Sangeeta Dwivedi said: (Apr 30, 2013)  
Hi friends, as we know business means "to busy". So we should aware about each and every topic of business. When any company received bad reputation there might be two reasons-first is quality and another is corruption. So it should be avoid. When the company gets bad reputation company's member should approach customer to get the feedback required immediate step should taken to overcome the problem.

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Poonam said: (Apr 26, 2013)  
Hi Friends, According to me Making a reputation in business is really very tricky job. People spend their whole life for making reputation. So in this if our business is going to ruin first of all we should find the cause of bad reputation. If we find the exact cause of this it means we get 50% success. Then we should try to remove the bad reputation by various reasons like advertisement, using pamphlets on road. etc. We should follow strict strategy that will never happen again in life. We must think we will not do let again in life.

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Yash said: (Mar 29, 2013)  
Good evening everyone.

In my opinion if a business is rid of getting a bad name or a bad identity in the market first we need to study the cause accordingly we need to decide on which basis the name or the reputation of the business is effected and than need to relaunch that particular thing so as to create a good position in customers mind start maintaining quality focusing on social responsibility this all things if done in a better manner than only a business can come out of the situation.

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Isha Singh said: (Feb 16, 2013)  
A business reputation is often linked to customers satisfaction. If customers are not satisfied, it will surely bring in a bad name for the firm and getting back the reputed name requires a lot of patience on the part of the company. Once the reason of failure is recognized, the problem is half solved. Then the company must rework on its goal in such a way that such failures are not repeated again. For example when Nokia found there were some problems with the batteries of some sets, it offered new batteries in exchange to the customers and this strategy really helped.

Secondly, the company must try to get in partnership with some other reputed company or must go for some good brand ambassadors. Moreover the company should go for checking the feedback's and reviews of customers and then acting on the complaints as soon as possible.

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Lucky said: (Jan 21, 2013)  
It is said in war that it is difficult to regain a lost land more than conquering a new one, the blood shed is more. Same applies to businesses, once a bad name is achieved it is very difficult to wipe it out though not impossible. Firstly the company should assess the reason for the bad reputation in terms of product, service, quality. Once identified the next task is to develop a strategy to wipe out the reason associated with it.

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Ravi said: (Jan 19, 2013)  
When we heard the work business, First thing strike in mind is "Profit".

So, it all about making profit, about less investment and gaining more.

So, most of the business man the illegal method to achieve it and that is why negative vibes start coming when we think about business.

It can be erased by formulating strict laws for them. So spreading awareness among consumers, by giving knowledge about how anyone can be cheated in business,

Faith is the vital thing that must be there among business partners.

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Siddhesh J said: (Nov 20, 2012)  
A company gets a bad name due to the strategies it implements in view of meeting the market demands. If a customer is no served well with what he wants (goods industry) and how he wants (service industry) , he is surely going to spread a negative word of mouth about the company. In order to prevent such a thing from happening, firms should continuously strive to provide what the customer wants and concentrate on the future demands incorporating change through innovation.

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Reddy said: (Nov 12, 2012)  
1) Identify the reasons behind getting bad name for company.

2) If any company gets a bad name in present business environment, it is very difficult to recover. It may take very long time to recover.

3) So, for any company to get rid of bad name its better to change name of company and make sure that mistakes should not be repeated.

4) Customer Satisfaction should be main objective of the company. Manufacture the products with best quality and market the products with good prices.

5) Give good advertisement for the popularity of the product.

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Chandrasekhar.Meruvu said: (Oct 21, 2012)  
Hi Friends,

In my opinion life is a mixture of good and bad, happy and sad, friends and enemies, success and failures.

What I want to say is for every problem there is a solution, if a company gets bad name.

Yes I am pretty sure that it will takes lot of time to recover (get good name) rather than to get bad name, First it had to collect the reasons for that and employees plays a vital role in developing a company and it's business. Even it is success or failure they must share.

So knowing the customer needs and providing products which will fulfill those needs may be the better way to get rid of bad name.

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Syed Fawaz Ahmed said: (Oct 14, 2012)  
I have just one line to say on this, that will solve the query; Dont just love your business, do the business with love:-)

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Jayanta Sarkar said: (Sep 4, 2012)  
Hello Frndzz , sharing my points below :

1. First Of all it needs to find the actual reasons behind it.
2. It may involve multiple persons & various issues (Who did it & why did it ? ).
3. Then we need to find out how much impact it has on outsider world, & how much it effected the org (i.e. estimate the long term & short term impact, In case of major impact a larger scale of re-shuffle of governing body needed ).
4. Start to fix d situation.
5. Need to sack or get rid of d corrupted people.
6. Need a better planning so that this type of situation never arises in future.
7. Strong Laws & regulations need to be constructed, violation of which should leads to highest level of punishment.
8. Actually in practical world lots of Sacrifice, hard-work ,patience , discipline , dedication & determination needed to awake from a lost battlefield.

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Poonam said: (Aug 13, 2012)  
Hi Everyone, Making good reputation to the business is a long process. Businessman spend their whole life in making a good reputation and satisfied the customers. In bad situation businessman should find out the actual reason or cause and see how he can be rectified it. He can get back their confident by advertisement, using media and newspapers. Make sure people you are providing good products on reasonable prize. It will take time but hard work and honesty will definitely will help business to gain back their reputation.

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Smita said: (Aug 4, 2012)  
A company might have lost its reputation because of some reason but that doesn't mean that its the "the end". A more careful movements along with the good observation for its backlog should be taken into consideration so as to not repeat it in future.

It can restart its business freshly by introducing new products which is innovative, unseen, eco-friendly, easy to use and affordable. This can be made more attractive by giving advertisement. Initially it will be difficult and lot of hope, positive thinking and motivation of employees is needed.

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Vishal Jagtap said: (Jul 26, 2012)  
Hello Friends,

Today topic is very serious topic and really good for management students to come up with solution.

Any business required more time and effort to build a good reputation in the market and the vice versa it will take very few time to destroyed all the goodwill earned in the market. If business loose his reputation then the main thing is to find out the route cause of the reason, once we get the route cause then how to overcome on it, find out the all possible solution to reach the solution. And make the necessary changes in business VISION and MISSION sentence, and let the all employee know the recent changes so no chances of getting the same mistake happen again. Try to do some different and good thing so may be people can attract to that thing and forget the main thing which is the reason of bad reputation of the business.

Thank you so much for listening my idea.

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Barkha Singhal said: (May 20, 2012)  

Well I feel that any company's stability depends on many factors i.e. it has to fulfill certain obligations and responsibilities towards the society, government, consumers, employees, environment etc.

So the main point occurs that how to satisfy them. This can done by fulfilling its responsibilities honestly. Like.


1. Providing them good quality products.
2. Selling these goods at reasonable prices.


1. Paying taxes honestly.
2. Paying taxes on time.
3. Not to indulge in corrupt activities.


1. As they are only directly or indirectly responsible for creating these social problems so they have to only put the initiative to solve the problems like that of terrorism, corruption etc.
2. Providing social aids like organizing free health check up camps or any other thing just like that.


1. Paying them fair salaries.
2. And just not taking off there jobs without any reason.


1. Using the resources efficiently.
2. Giving back the earth whatever taken from her i.e.we have not inherited this earth from our forefathers rather we have borrowed it from our future generations paying them by making all the debts.
3. Proper disposal of wastes so not to harm the ecosystem.

SO, these are the things by which a company can gain a good reputation. Though it will take time but it will provide a long term interest to the firm. It could also help the company even in the BAD TIMES!

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Shashank said: (May 15, 2012)  
The most important things which a business earns are trust and good will. When a business has a bad name it looses both of the above mentioned. In this case it is very very difficult to get those back. No matter how hard the people associated to that business try to clean the name, its quite a possibility that they'll face failure numerous times. Also, strong competitors will raise the point again and again about the bad business, thus pulling it back. This is a very problematic situation. This has to be dealt with great patience, cleverly and with positive approach. But not everyone has the required potential to do so.

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Sagar said: (Apr 22, 2012)  
Hi friends,

A company when gets a bad name to get rid of the bad name it takes a lot of time and requires patience all the positiveness attained by the company I lost and it acquires the negatives feeling in approaching that company by that customer.

It requires lot of repairing or a damage control methods like.

Creating awareness among the customers through a good brand ambassador.

Properly checking to eliminate the occurrence of any new problems.

Creating awareness through live programs.

It is entirely like a crop.

If a crop/plant is affected by the worn we cannot get it back but we can stop it from spreading it to the other parts through pesticides so that we could manage the crop from entirely damaging but it takes a lot time.

Be patient, through hard work and sincerity will definitely bring success and fame to the organisation.

Thanking you all.

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Priya said: (Apr 6, 2012)  
Each and every company when enters a market tries to earn goodwill.Good reputation is first and foremost aim of a company.If a company has lost its goodwill ,it is very difficult to comeback.Company should take the following steps to regain its reputation:
1.It should try to recognize its flaws and overview the reason for the failure.
2.Company should appoint a team of expertise who recognize the flaws.
3.Enter into the partnership with reputed company.
4.Implement new marketing and advertising strategies to attract people.

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Jordanz said: (Mar 10, 2012)  
Of course its hard to stand up after a disastrous defeat. But commin=tment ad=nd confidence helps. The common thing to do is reconcile for the failures. Device charts and pattern as to how did it come to this. The company should have a sense of pride and state that they have done wrong. Surely its not the end of the world. Improving their methods and strategy, start stepping up their game face, contribution helps. Advertise their new scope of business and erect the tilting towers.

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Sajid said: (Feb 27, 2012)  
I liked the saying of one comment and I am agree with him to regain the lost land is hard than conquaring new land. The world is now a big single market and the fate of the company is decided by consumers via trust and reputaion. If a company lost its good will the company needs many years to regain the goodwill, example when it was found coca cola is contaminated with pesticides the sales went down same happened with cadbury. To regain the reputation company must look for the root of the bad reputaion and then the company should find the alternatives to solve the problem. Its important to choose the right alternative for the problem and finally should impliment the alternative at test level so that we can check the effectiveness of the alternative before implimanting it on higher basis. The various alternatives could be use of celebraties, use of media, use of personal relations, use of responsiblity management depending on the nature of problem or say root of bad reputation.

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Saroj said: (Jan 29, 2012)  
I think possible solution would be to convey message in the public by the the chairmen or owner of the company. Second solution could be to advertise through public for public. Word of mouth. Take a sample of people from different cities, different demographic category. Let them use that product and afterwards they will promote your product. And yes definitely first of all find the basic reason for the failure or bad image created, and remove it or improve it. First make sure that the product is good now.

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Kuljeet said: (Jan 27, 2012)  
It is very difficult for a business to get rid of the bad reputation. First step is to find out the reasons for bad reputation. Who is responsible for this reputation? Is it a person or a product or a service? Second step is to improve or remove (if unable to improve) the reasons for bad reputation. Third step is to gain the confidence of the consumer. The business, to regain its good reputation has to start from scratch. A person with good reputation and vast experience should be given the responsibility to rebuild the business rather than spending money on advertisement or diversification.

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Sheikh said: (Jan 27, 2012)  
Yup, good reputation to a company comes after a hard and long process of satisfying customers. Ones if the company goes wrong in some condition then it will loose its reputation which it gained in that long process.

It can regain it by giving a good and cute message to the public in commercial advertisements or newspapers, and of course by giving good quality tested product with reasonable prices. In this situation company should not go for discount method for their products, or else the public may think the company is influencing the customers to buy their products which would be a harmful. Instead of that, a company can give the reasonable price for the product with a great marketing strategy.

Thank you.

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Bhagath said: (Jan 22, 2012)  
Hi,I am Bhagath,
I wanna make you clear that any thing lost can be regained by constant efforts kept on it.The same applies here when any company looses its reputation it has to come out of the circle and think about the roads to sucess.
The bad reputation got is verd hard to wipe it,but its not the impossible deed,the campany has to change their strategies ever since they have started their company and has to make a rapid change in their strategy applications.
Some initiatives should be made like,

->Promotions byy celebrities.
->getting in to the people with their new product launches.
->should make use of the social networkink sites helps them alot.
->the best is to make their business get into face book with e-commerce sites.
->and last but not the least they should maintain best quality in order not to loose the up coming customers.
Thank u for co-operating me for feling free to give my views.

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Maggie said: (Jan 8, 2012)  
A business can get rid of their bad reputation by delivering a quality product to their customers. You can ask me how will a customer trust a company which has lost its reputation. One can give a sample product to prove the quality. Once the customer is satisfied he can trust the product.

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Sharath said: (Jan 1, 2012)  
Hi friends I'm sharath, as per my opinion Its possible to decline the elevated bad reputation for the firm by accepting the bad things that done by the firm and by promising the customer to give the ecstatic products and services, and also the firm must empathetical think the problems of the customer with the product and make a new goals and responsibilities and take corrective action to not to re-happen in future.

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Puja said: (Nov 25, 2011)  
Hello friends, I think it is very difficult for any business to grow and make a come back again once it has earned a bad name however it is not impossible, so to make a come back it will have to make lot of efforts with patience.

1) look back and study their Mission and Vision statement, what was it that the wanted to achieve and why they failed.

2) after finding the exact reasons rework on their Vision, Mission and ethics they want to follow.

3) they can make partnership with a good companies to enhance their image or they can also make such brand ambassador who are having a good image in country.

4) they should also work on their CSR policies that is very necessary nowadays, it will surely enhance the image of the company.

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Binoy said: (Sep 24, 2011)  
It is said in war that it is difficult to regain a lost land more than conquering a new one, the blood shed is more. Same applies to businesses, once a bad name is achieved it is very difficult to wipe it out though nnot impossible. Firstly thecompany sould assess the reaosn for the bad reputation in terms of product, service, quality. Once identified the next task is to develop a startegy to wipe out the reason associated with it. T give an example of cadbury, when it was established that worms were found in the chocolate, they endorsed Amitabh Bachahn to promote the product again after retifying their fault. Today no one rememebrs about it as there was never a second chance. Had the case occured again they would have been in troble. In fact today it is one of the established brands in Inndia.

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Bharat Jha said: (Aug 30, 2011)  
For a business, it is not so easy to get rid of the bad name it has earned earlier. But it is not impossible kind of thing. it can be done by taking few basic steps such as-

1. Identify the facts that causes in this failure,
2. Take appropriate solutions in order to remove these failure
3. Advertise about the improvement
4. Company may also give some offers to attract their customers.

I think that these steps must be followed in order to get rid of bad name earned earlier.

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Sneha said: (Aug 12, 2011)  
A business can get rid of bad name it has earned by starting every thing from atomic level, since the bad reputation would initially run with the company and its product, so failure will stay with it for a very long time but at the same time an optimistic approach will definitely fetch one good opportunity ,sooner or later and their the path for success will be an integral part of getting a business out of such bad times is the never say die attitude if that is not their nothing will happen

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Sunitha said: (Jul 6, 2011)  
Really the existence of business in this present competitive world is completely based on reputation. However that fame can be achieved only by providing right quality of goods in reasonable price and means. When the consumer loses the confidence and he never again tries to purchase that particular product and even he won't let others too. So the brand image would go into vain.

In order to rebuild the same reputation there should be certain campaigns to be conducted by the industrial personnel and other relevant means apart from providing right quality products. This would improve and retain the acquired good reputation. As we all know that haste makes waste nothing can be achieved in one day so keep maintaining the better quality standards.

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Aarsha said: (May 17, 2011)  
Bad business image can be get rid of by good ethical practices that is social responsibility, promotional campaigns, etc. It can increase the societal image of the company.

Negative reputation leads to the high rate of turnover,reduce the market value, etc leads to the loss of the firm and may leads to the winding up.

To get back the reputation, the firm should be more socially responsible, maintain quality policy,increase promotional campaigns, environmental friendly, meet changing needs of consumers, etc.....

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Ajay.D said: (May 6, 2011)  
Lets take example of Catbary chocolate, which was found with worms in it.

But with the help of smart advertisement with Mr. Big B, they are back on their track.

Even in assembly line cocka cola soft drink, government auditors had fond fungus.

Unfortunately Indian public forgets very soon.

Company can get in to their tracks through advertisements, by offering discounts.

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Akanksha. said: (Apr 27, 2011)  
There can be many reasons for a company gaining bad name. But there are also required solutions to get rid of it, for example when cadbury earned bad reputation as it was found that the chocolates contained pesticides that time the strategy of re-earning the faith of the customers was practised. they used Amitabh Bachchan to advertise the fact that cadbury has now used improved techniques to improve its quality.

Moreover company has to give greater attention towards advertisement, customer wants and feedback and also should make the customers feel that they are very important to the company. By using such strategies and modifying them as per the requirement a company can be able to get rid of the bad name it has earned.

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Ismt B School said: (Apr 27, 2011)  
The first impression is often a lasting impression. This is especially true in case of reputations of corporates.Regaining the good impression that is once lost is an uphill task but is by no means impossible. A couple of steps that seem simple but take incredible effort on the part of the company that has lost its reputation include: Accepting the incident/ event that has caused the loss of reputation, Remedying the situation by the company, and following visible steps to ensure that the same incident doesn't repeat itself.

Remedying the situation is bound to prove costly to the company, however this is a cost which must be borne since the loss in number of customers due to the ruined reputation could prove even more disastrous.

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Anjali said: (Apr 26, 2011)  
The business can get rid of bad name only when it fully satisfy the consumers because business earn good reputation and maximum profit only when consumers buy their product. And the product should be cheap and good so that more consumers are attracted to buy.

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Monika said: (Apr 23, 2011)  
The companies have a aim to maximize profit in all circumstances but it can't be done without customers satisfaction.

So, first of all, it is needed to have a good behaviour with customers because rude behaviour is acceptable by none, and it can be major reason of company's bad reputation. Every customer should feel, they are the only one.

Find out the causes governing the bad reputation and execute the solutions as soon as possible because of today's cut throat competition. The solutions should be somewhat visible and satisfiable to the customer.

The Media should be handled properly and effectively as the media has the great impact on people by doing so a company's good will can reach to each and every person who had been affected atleast once and never leak the information about the internal hazards that company following because of bad reputation, show that its running well and working in faith of customer and never let opposition to take advantage of your company's bad reputation.

Make a time to time survey and Add new and advanced features to the product as a surprise package, according to customer's need before your opposition and keep an eye on them.

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Piyush said: (Apr 14, 2011)  
I think goodwill of a business is prime important factor in its success and growth but as a businessman think and plan things it may not come in its way there may be different reasons which can create its bad image example-the relationship of the staff with the customers is rude, quality have been lowered, prices have increased and many more things. Now the only way for a businessman to get rid of this is to improve the factors causing the bad image, if posible change the location and name because it take lot of time to maintin goodwill but take a minute in spoiling it.

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Mithun said: (Apr 13, 2011)  
When a bad reputation strikes, the preliminary thing that has to be the finding out of what is the factor is, and the realisation that it could pull you all the way down. It is war time and execution is to be done at the max speed, hence the strategy should be implemented too fast. It should also be made sure that the solution is known to the public, ie, each and every one of the affected ones at least. Media should be handled appropriately and should be tide turned so as not to get the opposition.

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Nitin said: (Mar 28, 2011)  
If the company's image is spoil the company will take action as soon as possible like Eg. Cadbury. After bad image they will promoting their band, product and get the faith and trust.

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Priyesh said: (Mar 1, 2011)  
When any company received bad reputation. There may be mainly two reasons, first is quality of product and second is corruption. When any of the condition arise which affects company's reputation. The company should take instant step to sort out this problem immediately. Firstly all the causes should be identified & the suitable steps should be taken to regain the trust of their customers. For example when Nokia found that there was some problem in the battery of in some models of its mobile. Then company immediately offered their customers to replace the battery by new one. This immediate step keep their customers all times satisfied.

On one side big companies can easily come out this types of situation because their name is enough to win the faith of customers. But the bad reputation creates much problem for smaller firms which are localized to small region and doesn't have large capital. When the company gets bad reputation at that time company's member should approach their customers to get the feedback & then immediate steps should be taken to come out the situation and regain the customers faith & satisfaction.

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Preeti said: (Sep 7, 2010)  
A bad reputation to the business is one of the major reasons that would reduce the turnover as a whole. Doing a business on loss is of no use. First, I will make a study on the causes and see how it can be rectified. To make people/clients/customers or whomsoever to gain their confidence back on my business deals with them. Change the name, like the axis bank did. Make people believe that its an entire different company. Implement new marketing and advertising strategies to attract more people. Lastly, that should be a lesson. I will never ever let it happen again.

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How can a Business get rid of the Bad Name that it has earned?

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